Fastned & Tesla Charge Oxford With 26 Ultra-Rapid Chargers
With initial 10 charging options, Fastned is to further install total of 26 ultra-rapid chargers.

To be the most powerful electric charging set-up in Europe, Tesla, and Dutch charging set-up. Fastned is getting ready to install charging stations in Oxford.

Tesla and Fastned create 'Energy Superhub' charging station
Image credits- Electrek

The charging hub

They plan to install a total of 38 charging stations, among which 28 are ultra-rapid charging stations. These can charge 200 miles (482.8 km) range in 20 minutes. It is to finish by late 2021.

Furthermore, Fastened is an Amsterdam-based charging infrastructure manufacturer. So far, the company has built 137 charging stations in Netherlands, Britain, Germany, and Belgium. The energy by these charging stations is to be 100% renewable energy.

Prior to this, recently Norway installed a super-fast charging station, as the stations were designed to charge the electric boat. It is one of a kind in Europe with 150kW, 200 horsepower. However, Fastned and Tesla are going to install a powerful charging station that is going to replace the existing fastest charging station.

Shortage of semi-conductors

Oxford has BMW manufacturing mini-cars being manufactured, near Cowley industrial site. Unfortunately, the BMW manufacturing plant is one of the auto-makers to fall short of semiconductor chips. Last month they announced a halt in production. Around 4,000 workers lost job their jobs due to this shortfall.

Automakers have been struggling to keep up with their production, especially after pandemics hit the industry. In UK, 46.6% car production growth was seen compared to last year. However, companies are falling behind their plans.

In Q1, the EV and hybrid market share increased to 13.9% in the UK.

Tesla charging station

Recently, Tesla finished with super-fast charging stations in China, which can charge electric trucks. Usually, Tesla chargers are charged based on kW-hours, while other places charge per minute charge.

Basically, there are two-tired when it comes to Tesla chargers. Tier one is for charging less than 60kW, and tier two is for above 60kW charging. The cost for charging changes depending on the tier, where tier-1 is cheaper than tier-2.

Tesla users can plug in the charging unit to the Tesla car and monitor the charging in their phone app. Additionally, to find if there is a nearby Tesla charger, anyone can use the website link.

Tesla says that the peak charging rate could decrease after multiple supercharging plug-ins. And the battery charge rate is increased when the battery is cold. However, it is already known that the battery capacity may slightly vary with time and long usage.

When the charging stated ae solely installed by them are to be used only by Tesla owners. However, with Fastned the charging stations are to be charge any battery EV.