Tesla Next Gen Roadster

First Glimpses Of Tesla Next-Gen Roadster In Los Angeles
Peterson Auto Museum now displays the Tesla's Holo Car.

From 19th May 2021, the Tesla Next-Gen Roadster is on display at Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles. It is set for a two-week display, and people are getting excited to get a glimpse of the car which is known as Tesla’s Holo Car.

Image credits- Youtube

Better one as production starts

The electric supercar is scheduled to start production next year, it is quite early for the display. However, the announcement of the display was released by early May this year. As the tweet circulated on Twitter about booking tickets to the museum to have a look at the Holo Car.

A couple of hours earlier, Elon Musk replied under a tweet mentioning Tesla Next-Gen Roadster, “Production article will look different (better).”

Furthermore, Tesla already has displayed its cars in the Peterson Auto Museum last year, displaying its Cybertruck. The company is known to have its displays two years prior to the production start date.

The production of the Tesla Roadster is expected to start by 2022 and customers are getting excited knowing the car is ahead of its schedule.

Booking the tickets

By now the tickets will most likely be sold out. There were two options for visitors to have a glimpse of the vehicle.  As the usual ticket costing about $16 for adults and $11 for children allows people to visit during working hours. These working hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM. Then, the after-hours cost about $45 for each person, where the visitors can have a better look at the car with fewer crowds. And the after-hours timings are from 6 PM to 8 PM.

When the Cybertruck was at displayed last year, there was a decent number of visits despite the pandemic. This time the crowd is expected to increase, as very few people had the opportunity to have a look at the Tesla Next-Gen Roadster.

Roadster features

The Tesla Next-Gen Roadster has considered a supercar for its features. It has 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds with a 620-mile range. And has a top speed of more than 250-mile range, with a capacity to travel quarter-mile in 8.8 seconds. Its battery pack capacity is 200kWh.

However, the specs may change (be better) as production starts as mentioned by the CEO Elon Musk. As recently, the Tesla Model S became the fastest production car in the world, the company is getting better at its speed.

Additionally, the first prototype was revealed in 2017. Now, Tesla successfully is going to start production of a game-changing battery pack, 4680 battery cells at Giga Texas. The Model Y is expected to have the latest battery cells as the battery production starts. It is most likely that future cars will have better battery packs than mentioned earlier. Resulting in a better Tesla Next-Gen Roadster.