Gmail Wants To Add More Users; Now Supports Yahoo, Hotmail And Outlook Email Addresses


22 February, 2016, USA: Seems like Gmail’s hunger of adding more active users is increasing day-by-day and in order to satisfy its appetite, the company has added one more feature in its armoury. The company has launched a new tool called ‘Gmailify’, this tool enables the users to use Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo inside Gmail without changing their or address.

This move looks like an extension of company’s last year’s introduction in which it had offered a limited support to non-Gmail users for android. Now, with the new extension, Gmail allows its users to use their Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail email addresses with company’s additional features such as spam control, support for Google Now Cards, and inbox tabs.

However, company has put some boundaries for users as well such as if any user wants to use ‘Gmailify’ then he should have an android phone and once he opt for the feature, he will see the change in both android version as well as on web. And while Gmailify only works with Yahoo, Hotmail, and Outlook emails, Google says it plans to “add other email providers to Gmailify in the future.”

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