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Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video leaked showing glossy back & huge camera strip
In the leaked footage, you can see the phone's shiny back and large camera strip, checkout to know more:

Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video leaked showing glossy back & huge camera strip

Google Pixel 6 Pro hands-on video leaked showing glossy back & huge camera strip
Image Credits: Fone Arena Mobile

We’ve seen many leaks and speculations concerning Google’s upcoming flagship Pixel 6 and 6 Pro circulating online ahead of their possible debut. Although earlier leaks (as well as Google’s own shop) have shown the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro in pictures, a video on Twitter reveals the Pixel 6 Pro for the first time in real life. And it appears to be up to the task of taking on the Android flagships.

The 8-second hands-on video, which was shared by a Twitter user called M. Brandon Lee, highlights the Pixel 6 Pro’s design and provides us a 360-degree look at the gadget. The tweet, as well as the video, maybe found below.

As you can see in the video, a person is holding the all-black Pixel 6 Pro. The gadget appears to be genuine, with the same design and horizontal strip-camera module that Google unveiled earlier this year. You may also notice that the screen is curved around the edges. It’ll be fascinating to watch how users respond to this. The Google logo, which normally appears in the center of the glossy rear panel, is missing.

Lee addressed the problem in the tweet, stating that the odd branding implies that the Pixel 6 Pro is “likely an early production test device.” As a result, the gadget in the video may be a Production Validation Testing (PVT) unit, according to sources. In other words, it’s effectively a mock-up of the final product, which will be available shortly.

Despite the fact that the movie displays the smartphone in all of its beauty, it does not expose any of the Pixel 6 Pro’s essential stats or features. However, several leaks have revealed some of the main characteristics of the forthcoming Pixel smartphones at this time.

The Pixel 6 series cameras and display were teased in a recent leak. Another claimed that the Pixel 6 series will receive software upgrades for five years. In fact, Google’s SVP just unintentionally revealed that the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will include an in-display fingerprint scanner. In this in-depth roundup piece, we cover all of the newest Pixel 6 leaks and speculations.

The official specs, features, and pricing of the forthcoming Pixel 6 smartphones will be revealed when Google unveils the gadget at a special event next month. So keep an eye out for additional details.

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