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Google Pixel Foldable to launch later this year, says new leaks
Many new leaks and rumors surfaced online claiming that Google might launch “Pixel Foldable”

Google Pixel Foldable to launch later this year, says new leaks

Google Pixel Foldable to launch later this year, says new leaks
Image Credits: GizmoChina

Foldable Smartphones are currently a niche product, but phonemakers are trying to create a breakthrough with new designs and technology. While Samsung leads the race with its Galaxy Z series, Xiaomi and Oppo are not far behind.

And now Google works on a foldable Pixel gadget if rumours are to be believed. A new source adds that the Mountain View firm will be launching its pixels later this year.

Google Pixel Foldable – New Leaks

The latest allegation came from Elec and states that the UTG (Ultra-thin Glass (UTG) display (found on the Galaxy Z Fold)) displays were commissioned by Samsung’s Display Development Service for protection against foldable OLED displays by several large companies. Enterprises like Xiaomi, Oppo and Google.

Now, Samsung Display is the major display maker on the market for people who don’t know. For smartphones and foldable devices, most major phone manufacturers buy Samsung-made display panels. Samsung was really the first firm to adopt UTG screens for their smartphones.

Thus, according to the report, Google is one of the few firms that ordered Samsung’s UTG panels and OLED folding screens. It is believed that the software giant has requested the usage of 7.6-inch screens for its future pliable gadget, Google Pixel Fold. However, the cover size (outside) screen is currently uncertain.

It should be noted that Google didn’t officially disclose anything concerning a pixel foldable tablet. In 2019, the firm said it was “not in a hurry to get a plywood on the market.” Nevertheless, given that the market for smartphones is expanding, Google may be a good moment to produce a foldable pixel.

Furthermore, Google is the business that creates the software (android) which is launched on the market for every foldable gadget. Therefore, the software-hardware integration may be rather strong when the firm creates its own foldable gadget.

In addition, more firms spring on the bandwagon while the market for foldable gadgets continues to develop. In 2021, we saw that Xiaomi had already unveiled the Mi Mix Fold. It is thus very probable that in the fourth quarter of 2021, Google also wants to release its first-ever foldable smartphone.

Wrapping Up:

Google’s new pixel foldable will alter a match in the world of folding! It’ll be really good to watch how Google integrates its Android stock for its foldable experience. However, pricing information still has to be confirmed, we will notify you as soon as price changes are disclosed! Stay tuned to us on TechStory till this happens.

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