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Google Pixel Watch to debut at I/O Conference in May
Google Pixel Watch will be unveiled during the IO Conference in May.

Google Pixel Watch to debut at I/O Conference in May

Google Pixel Watch to debut at I/O Conference in May
Image Credits: Deccan News

Google Pixel Watch is one of the year’s most anticipated wearables. The next wristwatch is said to offer a full WearOS experience with no added software.

So far, we’ve only heard speculations about what the Google Pixel Watch may look like. In the most recent report, a tipster provides us with a launch date for the new wristwatch.

Launch for Google Pixel Watch

Jon Prosser, a popular tipper, sought to Twitter to reveal information about the Google Pixel Watch. According to this rumor, the forthcoming Google wristwatch will be unveiled on May 26.

This chronology coincides with Google’s I/O developer conference when Google releases a slew of hardware and software updates.

So far, the majority of Prosser’s disclosures have been shown to be accurate. Back in October 2021, the source said the new Google Pixel Watch will be released alongside the Pixel 6, but noted that the date was subject to change. Soon after, he changed the timeframe to indicate that it will debut only in 2022. The rumored Google Pixel Watch appears to have a release date.

However, Google has not yet verified anything. The Android manufacturer has yet to acknowledge the existence of the Google Pixel Watch, much alone providing a debut date! Even if it’s enticing for Android aficionados, the Google Pixel Watch debut date of May 26 should be treated with a grain of salt.

Expected specifications for Google Pixel Watch

The new Google Pixel Watch is one of the most anticipated wearables among Android enthusiasts. Many anticipate that this will spark a rivalry with the Apple Watch. Fans feel the new Google Pixel Watch will be a worthy challenger to the Apple Watch, which has dominated the market for many generations.

The rumored Google Pixel Watch would have a circular display and will have basic fitness trackers. Fitbit’s offerings include a steps tracker, heart rate sensor, SpO2 monitor, and much more.

The next Google wristwatch is believed to include a bezel-less clock with a waterfall around the edges, giving it an infinite appearance and feel.

More significantly, the next Google Pixel Watch is expected to reinvent the WearOS experience, something enthusiasts have been anticipating. More leaks are likely in the coming days if the debut date is accurate.

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