GPU Pricing is falling below MSRP
GPU Pricing is falling below MSRP Image Credits: GPU Mag

GPU Pricing is falling below MSRP for the first time after years
For the first time in years, GPU pricing is slipping below MSRP - Here is what we know so far:

GPU Pricing is falling below MSRP
GPU Pricing is falling below MSRP
Image Credits: GPU Mag

Players, rejoice! GPUs are once again becoming more affordable. With inflated pricing fuelled by the crypto craze and chip scarcity, finding a competent GPU at an affordable price has been nearly hard over the last several years. Forget about price; even obtaining a flagship GPU entailed competing with scalpers and crypto bros. It appears that things are finally shifting in the GPU market, as reports indicate that GPUs are now selling for less than their MSRPs for the first time.

GPUs are once again becoming more affordable

According to Tom’s Hardware, GPU costs fell 15% in May and have been dropping by 10-15% each month for the preceding few months. As you may have anticipated, the crypto meltdown and declining profits in GPU mining are the primary drivers pushing down GPU pricing.

As a result, high-end GPUs were left on the shelf with no buyers. For example, Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, which was originally priced at $2,000, is now rumoured to sell for $1,800. Similar trends can be seen across the board on various Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

The price decrease is even more visible on reselling marketplaces such as eBay. Returning to the RTX 3090 Ti, the GPU’s eBay pricing allegedly fell from $1,829 on June 1 to $1,670 in mid-June. Given the trend, it is likely to fall considerably further. However, be wary of eBay GPUs because they may have been used extensively for cryptocurrency mining.

If you want to buy a new GPU to enhance your gaming gear, now appears to be a good moment. However, keep in mind that Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace RTX 4000 series and AMD’s rDNA 3 series are on the way, both with significant enhancements.

What else we know so far:

The future GeForce RTX 40-series graphics card family from Nvidia. Because the introduction of Nvidia’s dubbed Ada Lovelace architecture is still many months away, revisions are possible, but given the leaker’s track record, the specs are worth examining.

Nvidia’s initial GeForce RTX 40-series family would include three graphics cards: the GeForce RTX 4090, which will be powered by the AD102-300 graphics processor and paired with 24GB of GDDR6X memory; the GeForce RTX 4080, which will be powered by the AD103-300 GPU and paired with 16GB of GDDR6/GDDR6X memory; and the GeForce RTX 4070, which will be powered.

The amount of CUDA cores in Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace GPUs indicates that the new graphics boards will likely outperform Nvidia’s existing GeForce RTX 30-series, which are one of the strongest graphics cards available.

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