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Hackers making millions by selling stolen gaming accounts

Building a gaming account on Valorant or any other online game as such is not easy. The demand for beautiful gun skins and dresses is huge. Therefore, many Hackers are exploiting the situation and making millions of dollars every year by selling stolen gaming accounts with good stats. According to some reports, in 2020, around 2 million accounts were up for sale on the dark web.

How hackers sell stolen accounts and earn money?

Well, its no doubt that high-level accounts hold tremendous value in the eyes of gamers. Many people are stoked about getting hands-on accounts with premium skins and clothes. According to a report, hackers find databases and divide them according to the category they belong to.

selling stolen gaming accounts

Image Source: Checkpoint research

This data is then sold online mostly in dark webs, and the most profitable among these data is selling stolen gaming accounts. According to the reports from Troia, they also said that accounts were sold in bulk for $10,000 to $40,000. The report also mentioned that:

“On the high end, sellers averaged $25,000 per week, or a roughly $1.2 million per year. The lower-end sellers yielded an average of $5,000 per month, or $60,000 per year, yielding an overall average of $40,000 per month, or $480,000 per seller/per year in stolen account sales,”

Now, that’s a lot of money. Even though game makers like Epic games try to control the selling of accounts, it seems they are not able to do that. Hackers always find a way of doing what they want to, and that is evident here. Epic Games even tried to limit the no of logins per IP address, but hackers also got around that. Therefore, it is necessary to keep changing passwords of accounts and also use a difficult password.

Has your gaming account ever got hacked? If yes, which game was it let us know in the comments below. Even if you have never experienced something, let’s do a thing once you read this article, change all your passwords and keep your account secure. But only after you like and share this article with all your game friends.

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