How much does it cost to charge an electric car

The UT Organization welcomed tenders to run the charging stations. The organization got the least offers of Rs 3.245, including 18% GST, for slow and medium charging and Rs 4.661, including 18% GST, for quick charging.

Delhi govt aims to deploy 18,000 EV charging points by 2024 | Mint
Source: Mint

After including the power charges fixed by the Joint Power Administrative Commission at Rs 3.60 per kWh, the purchasers are probably going to pay Rs 6.845 per unit without rent lease for slow and medium charging per unit and Rs 8.261 per unit (without rent lease) for quick charging. Be that as it may, the rent cash is up in the air by the organization. He, notwithstanding, said the organization would be mentioned to forego the rent sum for something like initial one to three years. The authority said the rent lease and EV charging duty were probably going to be concluded one week from now.
The battery can be completely energized somewhere in the range of 30 and an hour at a quick charging station, while it will require almost six hours to completely charge at an ordinary charging station.
The authority said the running expense of an electric vehicle was far lower than the vehicles running on petroleum derivatives. The running expense of an electric vehicle would come around to Re 1 for each km, while that of a petroleum vehicle on a normal was almost Rs 5 for every km, he added.
The Middle had endorsed 48 charging stations for Chandigarh under Stage I of the Quicker Reception and Assembling of Mixture and Electric Vehicles (Acclaim) India plot. Upwards of 28 quick charging stations, out of 37 endorsed under the Acclaim II plan, have been introduced and invigorated, yet will be yet to be made practical.
The Chandigarh Sustainable power and Science and Innovation Advancement Society (Peak), the nodal organization for execution of the EV strategy and establishment of charging stations in the city, has up until this point dispatched 76 charging stations in regions, including Sukhna Lake, Area 42 lake, Areas 9, 17 and 31.
The organization will likewise introduce 44 additional charging stations under the Chandigarh designer mode. Upwards of 328 electric vehicles can be charged at the same time across the city on sluggish, moderate, and quick chargers.
Battery-trading stations will likewise be set up alongside the charging stations at 26 areas in the primary stage.
In the initial two years of the EV strategy period, 100 public charging stations will be introduced in the UT. In no less than a half year of execution of the EV strategy, it will be compulsory for all fuel stations to set up EV charging stations.