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How Technology Can Make Your Workplace Better
By Anjan Pathak, Co-founder & CTO of Vantage Circle

The use of technology in the workplace has been vastly adopted by organizations worldwide and has become vital for better functioning. It is no longer a question now that technology helps businesses to grow and explore new horizons. With the advent of technological development at the workplace, employee communication has become seamless, and remote working is now more accessible, and there is more accuracy at work. 

Many organizations still are hesitant and compromise to adopt digital and technological innovations at their workplace. Here’s why you should adopt technology advancements in your organization:

1. Improved communication

With improved communication channels like instant messaging, video conferences, and social media platforms have made communication more convenient and accessible. The connection between the customers and the employees has also improved due to the channelized communication. 

One can connect with their fellow team members or their clients in real-time regardless of the time and place. With continuous socialization, the employees feel more included in their workplace and help them work more efficiently.

2. Increased productivity and employee satisfaction

Introducing the updated technology to the employees to ease their work and providing them with the tools they require will improve employee engagement and work satisfaction. The accessibility to the latest technological trends will help the organization gain an edge over its competitors. 

The tools help the employees finish their work on schedule and improve their work-life balance. A happy and content workforce contributes positively towards organizational growth and saves frequent hirings’ turnover costs. That’s the reason futuristic organizations are investing in technological solutions to improve their employee satisfaction.

3. Work Automation and Accuracy

Automating the work processes can reduce the prolonged hours of manual work and eradicate human errors. Work process automation also increases the efficiency of the employees and allows them to finish their work early. It also helps businesses increase productivity, reliability and enhances the performance of their employees. 

4. Protecting Organizational Security

Hacking critical confidential pieces of information has become a deplorable common practice now. Malware, data breaches, and many such cyber crimes may make your business unrepairable.  The use of technology at the workplace helps tackle it by making the information accessible to limited desired people and mitigate security risks. Embracing advanced technologies through proper analysis to protect organizational data and assets is the need of the hour. 

5. Cost management

All the benefits stated above can help businesses reduce their overhead costs and increase their revenue by properly channelizing their financial plan. Cloud-based technologies, remote working, digital hiring, applications to carry out work processes will help organizations save plenty of their financial resources. 

Webinars, conferences, podcasts, etc., help in attracting potential clients and are cost-effective. The digital transformation requires less workforce and is time-saving. 

The revolutionary technological advancements have transformed the way that a company operates. While it minimizes staffing requirements and eliminates some job roles, it also creates employment opportunities for other job profiles like cybersecurity analysts, DevOps engineers, AI specialists, etc. It is undeniable that technology is the future of the workplace and has become a must-have element in improving business. 

If companies don’t adapt to technology changes, they might compromise their productivity, profitability, and security. 



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