X Factor Madden 22

How to activate X Factor Madden 22 franchise mode

The most important aspect of getting your plater to the top in Madden 22 is knowing how to get the X Factor. The game has a large number of abilities available in the pool. While each of them can be equipped for all positions, not all of them are useful for all positions and playstyles.

X Factor Madden 22

It is necessary for you to read through these abilities and comprehend what they have to offer. Not only that, but you must also adjust to your strengths each time you activate these X Factor abilities. It is possible to do so by entering the zone.

For those who are unaware of the Madden 22’s unlockable X Factor abilities, the following are listed:

  • Unlockable Abilities: Avalanche

Linebacker and The Infiltrator are two positions and playstyles. In addition to the tacklers, there are these guys. When they enter the zone, any successful hit-stick made while running towards the line of scrimmage will result in a fumble.

  • Unlockable Abilities: Bazooka

Position and style of play: Quarterback and General

Information: The ability of quarterbacks with generational arms to stretch any defence to its breaking point is one of their greatest assets. When they enter the zone, their maximum throw distance increases by more than 15 yards.

  • Unlockable Abilities: Bottleneck

Position and Playstyle: The Mojo

Bottleneck defenders understand that acting early is the best way to stop a route. When they enter the zone, they almost always win any man press encounter.

  • Unlockable Abilities: First One Free

Position and Playstyle : The Shadow and Halfback

A few players are eager to make the defenders look foolish. When they enter the zone, this ability increases their fakeout rate on the next juke, spin, or hurdle.

  • Unlockable Abilities: Freight Train

Position and Playstyle: Halfback and The Juggernaut

Freight trains are known as the “never-say-die” runners. They don’t want to lose on the first contact. When they enter the zone, this ability increases their chances of breaking the next tackle.

These are few of the unlockable factors.

After you’ve learned about every unlockable X Factor ability, it’s time to learn how to use them. So, what should you do to gain access to them? Find out how to do it in the section below.

  • If you want to use the X Factor Madden 22 franchise abilities, you must play through the Face of the Franchise mode multiple times with different positions and playstyles.
  • After reaching level 20 on all positions and playstyles, everything is unlocked.
  • For example, after reaching level 20 on a WR Pathfinder, you will be able to unlock the YAC Em Up X Factor ability for all of your characters.
  • If you want to unlock the rest, you must play a different playthrough as a WR Moonshot and a WR Lucky 7’s.
  • It will be difficult for you because it will take a long time, but you can do it if you know how to quickly level up the class rep.
  • Concentrating on the position you want to play may also be beneficial.
  • Another thing you can do is unlock the abilities that you desire.
  • Take note, once again, that you can have all of the X-factors abilities, but not all of them are useful in specific locations.