How to annotate on zoom


You can share users of your Zoom conference to your pc screen, you see on your computer so they can easily see just what. This permits one to have a gander at a course or record together and to share slides that are powerPoint with your group through Zoom while you address them. Also, you can add remarks within the substance you’re sharing, utilizing Zoom’s description instrument. You’ll likewise clarify on a start that is fresh the Zoom whiteboard device.

The”Offer Screen” key into the base menu bar of the Zoom screen, then, at the period, select what you have to share, and hit “Offer” to share your display, simply click.

While selecting things you need certainly to share, you’ll either choose the main choice Desktop-what shares the Computer that is an entire display with members (any such thing they are going to see), or you’ll be able to impart explicit applications to your members like your PowerPoint application that you will end up seeing. Simply applications which can be open on your pc that is the individual will be really provided.

You’ve chosen to generally share, or the whole screen in the big event that you decided to share your Desktop once you begin sharing your screen, a green casing will arrive around the application.

You can end the screen sharing by clicking “Stop Share”- this will take you back to your normal Zoom view.

To get familiar with utilizing “Offer Screen” on cell phones, visit Zoom’s iOS Screen Sharing aide, or for Android gadgets visit the Sharing your screen page, look to the base, and select “Android.”

How to annotate on zoom

Zoom permits you to add comments when you are sharing your screen. Click the “Comment on” pencil symbol on your screen sharing toolbar to raise a bunch of explanation devices. Instruments incorporate a text device to type text onto the screen, a hand-drawing apparatus, a stamp instrument, and a spotlight instrument for featuring the area of your cursor.

You can keep members from commenting by choosing “Handicap Attendee Annotation,” and you can likewise add a mark to show who is explaining where by choosing “Show Names of Annotators.”

You can save your explanations to your PC anytime by squeezing the “Save” button. The explanations will save as a picture in your Zoom organizer on your PC. The default area for your “Zoom” organizer is:

PC: C:UsersUser NameDocumentsZoom
Macintosh:/Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom