How to download BGMI on iOS in India

India has witnessed an unprecedented rise in mobile gaming, with players across the country enthusiastically embracing popular titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). While Android users had the advantage of easily downloading BGMI from the Play Store, iOS users faced a few hurdles initially. However, in this guide, we will walk you through the process of downloading BGMI on iOS in India, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for all iPhone users.

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Might you at any point download BGMI on iOS after the boycott?

Indeed, yet it is a muddled interaction. This moment, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to sideload the app on the off chance that you have not downloaded the game previously. Assuming that you have played BGMI on an Apple gadget previously, you can simply send off the App Store and go to the historical backdrop of your bought apps and it will permit you to download the game with next to no issues.
On the off chance that you have not played BGMI before on an Apple ID, it is at present unrealistic to introduce the game without voiding your gadget guarantee by jailbreaking. In any case, Apple is as of now dealing with empowering sideloading and outsider app stores in Europe, which is something you ought to watch out for.
Android clients can download the game from informal sources and in the event that you have an Android gadget, you can look at our BGMI APK download guide.
How to Download BGMI on iPhone? 3 Strategies
Strategy 1: Nation Change
• To begin with, open the Apple Store and snap on the record symbol. In the wake of tapping for you, go to Nation/Locale.
• Select some other country other than India. Then enter your charging address; you can fill anything in the road name and field.
• Select a region and enter a postal division (you can get the postal division for the area from Google).
• Select the installment choice as none and save it. Once finished, the App Store will begin consequently.
• Look for PUBG Mobile on the App Store and download and partake in the game easily.
Strategy 2: Bought Area
Assuming you have at any point downloaded the PUBG Mobile game application on your iPhone or iPad before it was restricted, this strategy will be a lot simpler for you.
• Go to the Apple Store on your mobile, then click on the symbol with your profile, and go to the Bought area.
• Here you will see every one of the applications that you have never downloaded. In the wake of looking down a little, look for BGMI and download the game.
• Accordingly, you can download and play the game easily, in any event, when BGMI is prohibited in India.
Strategy 3: Korean Version PUBG
The significant thing to note is that main the overall version of PUBG is restricted in India. For this, you can download and play the Korean version of the game.

• Explore to change the nation, as referenced above, and change the country to South Korea, and give the important subtleties.

• Look for BGMI and download the Korean version of PUBG Mobile. This will permit you to play the game with no issues or the requirement for a VPN server. Nonetheless, the disadvantage of this Korean version of PUBG is that you should begin without any preparation. This is on the grounds that you will require another PUBG record to play the Korean version, and you can’t utilize your old PUBG account.

With the steps outlined in this guide, iOS users in India can now easily download and enjoy BGMI, one of the most popular mobile games in the country. By changing your App Store region, downloading the app, adjusting device settings, and launching the game, you’ll be ready to experience the adrenaline-fueled battles and intense gameplay offered by BGMI. Remember to follow all legal requirements and guidelines while accessing and playing the game. So, gear up, join the battleground, and have a blast playing BGMI on your iOS device!