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How To Evolve Scyther in Pokemon GO
A guide on Evolving Scyther in Pokemon GO

With the recent introduction of Kleavor in Pokemon GO during the May 2023 Raid Day, trainers are curious about the potential impact on Scyther’s evolutionary line. Many players are wondering if the arrival of the Axe Pokemon will bring any updates to Scyther’s evolutions, particularly considering that Kleavor is one of the final forms of Scyther in the Hisui region, alongside Scizor.

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It’s worth noting that the Hisui region is the former name of the Sinnoh region before the release of Generation IV. This region served as the setting for the highly successful title Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which marked the conclusion of the Generation VIII mainline series. Kleavor made its debut in this game and was prominently featured as one of the frenzied Noble Pokemon in the Obsidian Fieldlands. The Noble Pokemon are a group of creatures considered to be blessed by Arceus. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, trainers were able to obtain Kleavor by utilizing a Black Augurite on Scyther.

To obtain the Black Augurite, trainers could receive it as a reward for completing specific requests in Jubilife Village. Additionally, it could occasionally be found on Gravelers. Those seeking to evolve Scyther in the Generation VIII title were advised to keep an eye out for Gravelers that might carry this evolution item.

However, it’s important to note that as of now, Pokemon GO does not offer the option to evolve Scyther into Kleavor using the method described above. The official blog post announcing the arrival of the Axe Pokemon in the popular augmented reality game explicitly states that players will have to wait and see if Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, chooses to introduce this evolution mechanic in a future event. It remains to be seen whether the requirement of the Black Augurite will be retained or modified if the evolution is indeed added to the game.

The special Raid Day to celebrate the introduction of Kleavor in Pokemon GO took place on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Trainers had the opportunity to participate in three-star raids featuring Kleavor from 11 am to 2 pm local time. This event also marked the debut of the Shiny Kleavor, providing lucky trainers with a chance to encounter this rare variant. Throughout the event, Kleavor appeared more frequently in raids, increasing the chances of encountering one. The probability of encountering a Shiny Kleavor was also boosted.

Furthermore, trainers had the opportunity to receive up to five additional Raid Passes from Gym Photo Discs during the event and for two hours afterward. Additionally, the usually limited Remote Raid Passes were increased to a limit of 10 for the day, starting from 12 am local time and ending at 11.59 pm local time.

For trainers looking to defeat Kleavor in three-star raids, it’s essential to have the right counters. To assist in this endeavor, a comprehensive guide detailing the best possible counters for the Axe Pokemon’s debut was made available to trainers.

Once trainers have successfully caught Kleavor, it’s important to optimize its potential by selecting the best moveset for both PvE and PvP battles. Currently, the most effective abilities have been identified and compiled into a guide. As the metagame evolves and strategies change, this guide will be regularly updated to provide the most up-to-date information on maximizing Kleavor’s potential.

While the arrival of Kleavor in Pokemon GO has generated excitement among trainers, the evolution of Scyther into Kleavor is not yet available in the game. However, with Niantic’s history of introducing new mechanics and updates, there is always a possibility that the evolution may be added in the future. Trainers should stay tuned for further announcements and events that may bring new evolutions and enhancements to the world of Pokemon GO.