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How to Exit from a Group in WhatsApp – A step by Step guide

Most of us have experienced being forcefully added to a group we never really wanted to be a part of. It can be real-life or WhatsApp. Thankfully we have a solution for the latter one. The first one? Well, humanity is still figuring that out!

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The issue with WhatsApp group –

  • Since most of us are added to so many groups, our phones keep buzzing and disturbing us all the time. Not only is this very irritating, but also distracting.
  • Moreover, you also have these Good morning messages with images, which also eat a good amount of data and your phone storage.
  • Let’s be honest, most of these groups are of friends, families where they keep on sharing memes, jokes, and of course, remedies from WhatsApp university and other not-so-productive things.
  • Fake news was also something that WhatsApp and Facebook faced heavy backlash for. But unfortunately, nothing much has been done about it. The fact is, during Covid, sharing of fake news increased massively.

With so much negativity around, it’s okay to prioritize yourself. Avoid things that might seem negative.

So, how to remove yourself from such groups and ensure your sanity?

Here’s how –


1. First and foremost, open your WhatsApp on your android. Select the group you want to take an exit from.

Exit whatsapp group

2. When you open the group, for the last time. You will notice three dots on the top-right of your screen. Tap on it.

3. You will see various options popping out. Now tap on “More.”

Exit whatsapp group

4. You will then see an option “Exit Group.” Yes, that’s your door to exit!

5. Now,  WhatsApp will give you an alternative to Mute instead of exiting it. So if you have made up your mind, Tap on the exit to finally be free!

This will allow you to leave the WhatsApp group finally. But the story doesn’t end here. Yes, getting rid of the WhatsApp group isn’t that easy. Now, you need to remove your group’s data to free up your phone storage and WhatsApp feed. Although this step is optional, so make a choice based on your requirement.

How to delete group chats and data

1. You will notice that even after you left the group, the group will be showing on your feed.

2. To delete it, tap on it.

Exit whatsapp group

3. While tapping it, You will see a “bin” icon on the top. Yes, tap on it.

4. You can either keep the media or let it go, as per your need. And finally, give your confirmation to delete the group.

Exit whatsapp group


That’s how you’ll leave your unwanted WhatsApp groups and delete the unnecessary files. Read our other How-to articles –

Let us know what you think that this text within the comments below. Are you ready to get obviate the group, finally? You’ll also write within the comments if you would like any specific How-to guide! Until then, happy networking!