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How to Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is counted among the fastest and most popular web browsers. It features several advanced configurations that you’ll find during a browser. To remain relevant, Chrome is often updated. We’ve covered during a previous article how Chrome got its recent update for Android users.

One of the foremost interesting features was the grid layout and group tabs. The thought is to form the user’s experience easy and rather exciting.

Depending on how you employ Google Chrome, you can have 20 tabs open at a time. Or you might be someone who works using just a few tabs. If you fall within the first group, Tab Groups are very valuable.

The desktop version witnessed this feature a while ago. Yes, the Tab Groups were introduced in May of 2020. The feature is now out there on Android phones and tablets also. You can also group tabs. It’s almost similar to a folder. It will help you to keep them organized. This may also save some time and allow you to do more productive work.

To manage Tab Groups in Chrome, you’ll require version 88 or later. The feature is automatically enabled once you’ve got the update. Read more about the update in detail. 

Follow these steps –

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1. First, open the Chrome app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

2. Tap the tabs icon within the top bar to look at all of your open tabs.

3. You’ll see all of your tabs in a grid view. To make a group, tap and hold on a tab and drag it on top of another tab. Release it when the tab is highlighted.

4. The tabs will now be a group tab with the title of “2 Tabs.” Simply tap it to open the group.

5. If you wish to navigate from one tab to another, you can do that easily as all the tabs are shown in the group view.

6. Tap on the bar which is shown below, which will have icons of the websites you have opened. You can easily switch from one to the other. You could further add more tabs by tapping on “+” as shown.

That’s how you can use the group tabs in your Android phone to work more efficiently. You could also remove a tab from the group by dragging the tab down to “Remove From Group” when you wish to clean up your tabs.

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Let us know how you liked using this feature of Chrome in your android. You could also write in the comments if you need any specific How-to guide! Until then, happy browsing!