How to ping an IP address

How to Ping an IP Address from a PC or Mobile Device
How to ping an IP address

With the present popularity of web transmission capacity, it is critical to be aware in the event that your organization association is working appropriately or not. In the event that you at any point disapprove of your association, the most secure method for testing it is to utilize the “ping” order.

At the point when you experience difficulty getting to specific sites, you can rapidly see whether it is from them or on the other hand assuming you are having some association issues. For instance, you probably won’t have the option to appropriately stream a Netflix film yet you can sign in and peruse fine and dandy. That is the very situation while a ping may be valuable, permitting you to decide the wellspring of the issue.

The most effective method to Ping an IP Address in Windows

Doing a ping test in Windows is somewhat simple, no matter what the rendition. You should simply open the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell and type in the appropriate order. This is the way it is finished:

  • Press the Windows key on your console then begin composing “order brief” and select Command Prompt.

    Presently, type “ping” and hit Enter.

    To test the association between your PC and your home switch, enter the switch’s IP address.

  • Generally speaking, your switch will have the default address of To ping it, you should type “ping” and press Enter.
  • When you start the ping, your PC will send a test information bundle to the ideal host and will hang tight for a reaction. To ensure the test is significant, the PC will send four pings. When the reaction shows up, you will see the aftereffects of the test in the Command Prompt window.
  • Right underneath your ping order, you will see the answer from the server you have been pinging. This shows the number of bytes every parcel had, and how quick the reaction was in milliseconds.
  • Beneath that segment, you will see the test’s insights. These show the number of parcels your PC had sent, the number of it got back, and the number of bundles that got lost because of unfortunate association. The great test will have four parcels both sent and got, with zero lost bundles.
  • At the base, the time measurements segment shows you how rapidly the information went this way and that, additionally in milliseconds. You will get the base and greatest full circle times, as well as the normal time.

Step-by-step instructions to Ping an IP Address from a Mac

Like Windows, Mac utilizes its Terminal application to deal with text orders.

  • Open Finder on your Mac.
  • Click Applications from the menu to one side. On the off chance that you don’t see it, press the Command + A keys on your console simultaneously.
  • Then, double-tap Utilities and begin the Terminal application.
  • Presently, type the ping order: ping and hit Enter on your console.
  • This will start the ping test between your PC and your home switch.
  • To end the test, press the Command + C buttons on your console simultaneously.

Rather than an IP address, you can likewise type the space name, such as “,” “,” or some other substantial area. If you have any desire to utilize an outside IP address to test your association, you can utilize one of Google’s DNS servers, for example,

When the test is finished, you will see the outcomes. These show you the number of parcels your PC sent and what amount of time is required to get a reaction from the server you’ve pinged. Underneath those, you will see the ping insights showing you the number of bundles you have sent, the number of you got, and assuming any parcels got lost returning. A decent association will not have any lost parcels.