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How to edit sent messages in Telegram? – The Ultimate Guide

The new alternative of the Facebook-owned WhatsApp is being hailed for its privacy features and secure end to end encryption. Yes, I’m referring to Telegram. Along with that, it also has some amazing features like Secret chat and editing a sent message.

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We have already discussed how you can use the secret chat feature in the instant messaging app, Telegram. Now, we shall discuss how you can edit sent messages in Telegram.

Follow these steps –
Edit sent messages in Telegram

1. Open Telegram on your Android. You will see a blue airplane icon in your local apps.

2. Select the chat you want to edit your text in.

3. Tap on the text you want to edit. After tapping on it, you will see a few options above. From delete, forward, copy, and edit.

4. Tap on the Pencil symbol. Yes, it’s the edit option.

5. You can rewrite your text or edit it based on your requirement in the typing area given below.

6. Edit the message. Either fix your spelling errors, change the text, or rewrite it using emojis.

7. Once you have finalized the message, Tap on the tick mark on the screen’s right side. You will see your original message is replaced by your edited one.

You will also notice that the edited messages have “Edited” written at the text’s bottom-right corner. The time will also be specified right there.

That’s how you can edit sent messages in Telegram. This feature is beneficial as we sometimes sent wrong texts or texts with spelling errors. You can fix them by following these steps.

On the verge of being the Next Big thing –

Telegram has also introduced the feature to export your chat history from other apps like WhatsApp, Line, and others. With such strong features and security, Telegram is surely working on capturing the new audience and making the best use of WhatsApp’s privacy chaos.

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