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Illya Shpetrik on How To Avoid Online Gaming Addiction

Online gaming is very fun, exciting, and interesting. There are a lot of online games reviews you can find on Illya Shpetrik and getting idea on it if you are looking for a game to play is a good idea. 

Unfortunately, if you do not know how to control online gaming, you might see yourself in big trouble. It cannot be denied that online gaming gives its players the fun and entertainment they are looking for, yet, due to the characteristic of this game being really fun and exciting, getting addicted to it is not far to happen. 

There are a lot of online games to play, and for sure there is one you can find that perfectly matches your personality and gaming interests. Actually, finding the right game is not the hardest when you talk about online gaming, it is the possibility of getting addicted to it. 

There are actually ways you can do to somehow minimize the chance of your addiction to online gaming. And to help you with it, it is highly recommended that you read below. 

Ways To Avoid Online Gaming Addiction

Here are some of the ways you can do to avoid gaming addiction:

  • Think of other activities

There are a lot of other activities to do apart from online gaming. Yes, it is fun but there are a lot of other activities where you can get the same level of fun and entertainment. Instead of focusing your time to just playing online games do other fun activities like watching movies with your family, friends and loved ones, baking and cooking food for your family, and so on. 

Sure, you can play online games from time to time but do not do it all the time. Deviate your attention to something else, and enjoy life beyond playing online games. 

  • Set a time limit and make sure that you follow it

Setting a time limit is also important especially when playing, and once you set a time limit, it is important that you follow it. If you tend to forget the time when you are playing, it is best if you set an alarm. Once it alarms, it is a must that you stop your gaming right away, do not make any excuse to extend, as if you do, you may not find the reason to stop playing. 

  • Seek help from your loved ones

Seeking help from your loved ones is also a good idea. If you think that you are having a hard time controlling your gaming addiction, make sure that you tell your loved ones about it. They are your support system, and it is necessary that they are the first people you will seek help from in case you think that you are already losing control. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong playing online games, but if it went beyond where it should be, it is not a good idea at all. The good news is, there are professionals who are actually helping people who are addicted to online gaming. 

But, when would you know that it is time to consult a professional? Sure, not all the time, professional advice is needed, but when can you say that it is due already? To help you assess whether you need a professional help or not, read below:

  • You are losing huge chunk of your money

If you see that your savings are now going down and almost zero, seeking help from a professional is a must. Actually, you must not wait for this to happen, the moment you cannot control the urge of playing and betting, seeking help from a professional is a must. 

There are some who will realize they need to stop only after seeing their bank account zeroed out. Do not wait until it went that far. Be responsible especially with your finances. 

As much as possible avoid buying a lot of stuffs on your online game, earn it through rewards and level up. 

  • You are giving up other important things

There are a lot of important things to do in anyone’s lives. And if you are giving up everything already just for the sake of playing, then there is something wrong already. You have to make sure that your gaming addiction won’t affect things that are also very important. 

If you are already losing things that are important for you, especially family and work, stop and consult a professional so you could get the help that you need. 

  • You are experiencing sleepless nights

If you cannot find time sleeping or if you cannot rest your mind any more, then consulting a professional is a must. There are some, because of too much addiction fail to rest their mind, and if this is something you are experiencing, it is best if you consult a professional right away. It is your health at stake already, hence do not let a day pass not seeking help from a professional. 



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