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Instagram goes down kindling the fire for a flurry of Memes on Twitter.

Life has become pitched around social media to such an extent that the loss of activity of one leads to crisis. It is not an easy situation to handle when Instagram stops being instantly available. A lot of things are coming down these days. However, none would have managed to elicit a reaction equal to that of a social media platform going down. One day it is Facebook, the next day it is YouTube, and when you are almost convinced that all is well, there goes Instagram. Seems like the idea behind the quote, “Man is a social animal,” has been tweaked a bit with the advent of social media.

And inevitably, and quite unsurprisingly, the first refuge of every confused soul is Twitter. The modern-day equivalent of the oracle of truth(well, the idea behind ‘truth’ is also being tweaked around a lot these days).

Ever since Instagram went down, the number of memes and jokes on Twitter are going up. Seems like all the latent energy that was supposed to be spent scrolling through insta was channeled towards the direction of Twitter and memes.

Here is a compilation of the best memes from Twitter

Twitter to the rescue always.

There is no better blend than music and memes.

It is always better to clarify first than being faced with a mental dilemma that is almost traumatic.

Imagine the plight if Twitter goes down too. Mob mentality alert!

Everything is down, why should you stay up alone?

Twitter is now synonymous with reference point.

And some brilliant advice.

There is only one king of the jungle.

And then there are some unfortunate souls like these.

Seems like this has become a monthly ritual. Let’s hope it does not become a weekly ritual.

The apple came down, and Newton began thinking about gravity. Perhaps this is our cue to make some crucial decisions.




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