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ITI Ltd. plans on providing end-to-end 4G and 5G network gears in India

5G and 4G

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ITI stands for Indian Telephone Industries Limited and is owned by the government of India as a telecommunications equipment manufacturer. In a recent affair, ITI Ltd. mentioned that they are in discussions with top technology companies in India to build and provide end-to-end 4G and 5G network gear.

Along with this, ITI is also planning to build out E and V spectrum bands which are essential for better 4G and 5G technology.

R.M. Agarwal, Chairman and Managing Director, ITI Ltd., mentioned in a report that the company can use its efficient technology and state-of-art facilities to manufacture telecom equipment for better internet connectivity across the country. The company is capable enough to manufacture 5G NR (New Radio) and eNodeB products in its various manufacturing plants spread out across the country.

According to reports, ITI Ltd. is also in talks with several Indian companies of Information and Technology sector to provide end-to-end 4G and 5G solutions and build a network across the country through an already existing ecosystem of Indian technologies, said Agarwal.

In their endeavour to make this project a success, ITI has also partnered with top-tier technology companies of India- Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Tech Mahindra for the development of 4G and 5G technologies for India.

Manufacturing of Enterprise Grade Routers is another goal of ITI Ltd. at the moment. This technology domain is perfected by foreign tech companies and the government-based ITI wants to make the technology for India with enhanced efficiency. Enterprise-Grade Routers are used for secure data transfers in defence networks and several telecom services.

ITI Ltd.

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ITI further aims to build and supply Optic Fibre cables across 11,000 kilometres against an order received from ASCON Phase IV.

Government-owned ITI is also building and supplying medical electronic products such as face mask vending machines face mask disposable machines, face shields, automatic and manual hand sanitizer dispensers etc. to take further government’s efforts to protect the people of the country from COVID-19.

On asking about its partnership with Tech Mahindra, ITI Ltd. stated that they will use the local competence of Tech Mahindra and synergise the technological offerings of both the companies to create a next-generation wireless 4G and 5G speed network for India.

ITI has also signed a Transfer of Technology agreement with DRDO which stands for Defence Research and Development Organisation to manufacture and supply ventilators for their facilities. The company says that the prototypes are ready as soon as they are approved by EBEL, mass production will be initiated.





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