Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey take on Twitter with Bluesky App

Former Chief Executive Officer a Co-Founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is reportedly working on a new social media platform named Bluesky which will be a rival to Twitter which is currently owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

News agencies report that the creators of the Bluesky app are preparing for a test run which would be a milestone event.

News reports about the Bluesky app came a few days after Elon Musk purchased a majority stake in Twitter for 44 billion dollars. Elon Musk who made an initial offer in April 2022 had backed out from the deal citing non-cooperation from Twitter. Twitter then filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk to force him to fulfill the deal. During the court proceedings, Musk decided to complete the deal and take over the social networking company.

Even though there is no information available regarding what are features of Bluesky or how does it look like, it is seen in the tech world as a rival to Twitter. A large number of internet users are eagerly waiting to try out the latest social media experiment of Jack Dorsey who was once part of a team that created Twitter.

Jack Dorsey had earlier stated that the new social media platform would be a rival to “any company trying to own the underlying fundamentals for social media or the data of the people using it.” There are also groups of people who believe that the Bluesky app and social media platform is part of a collaboration between Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk. All kinds of conspiracy theories are active on the internet regarding the new app.

A company blog states that AT Protocol of the Bluesky app would be a critical element of a revolutionary “federated social network” that integrates ideas from the latest “decentralized technologies into a simple, fast, and open network,”

There are also media reports that state that users will have the ability to move around different social media platforms using the browser.

Market analysts are of the opinion that this is the right time for a new social media platform to enter the market as a large number of Twitter users are disappointed that Elon Musk is the owner of the social media company.

Various social and civil society groups have voiced their concerns about the new development. They are of the opinion that the advent of Elon Musk as Chief Executive Officer of Twitter would result in more radicalization of the social networking platform.

American rapper and entrepreneur, Kanye West who is officially known as Ye is already back on Twitter signaling how Elon Musk is planning to run Twitter. Kanye West was earlier banned from the platform for his anti-Semitic comments.

Various high-profile celebrities have already announced that they are quitting Twitter as Elon Musk is now in charge of the platform.