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Microsoft Creates A New Multi Window Keyboard To Enhance User Experience

multi window keyboard

The increase in the use of the mobile device has forced the companies to think out of the box to bring the new product to enhance the user experience. Microsoft‘s latest development known as the multi-window keyboard is set to solve the problem that a user faces with traditional keyboards.

Why this new technology?

The need for multitasking has increased in recent times. There are many who people who tend to operate two or more apps at the same time. There are many occurrences when the users are forced to switch between applications to transfer information from one application to another.

In current technology, the multiple operations such as select, copy and paste are required a complete transfer of information from one application to another. This decreases the user experience of the app. Also, applications do not have the ability to communicate with other applications which limit the user experience.

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How does this technology work?

The soft input keyboard could be a multi-window keyboard application which would provide application control for any application that is being executed in a foreground of an operating system which would be running on a mobile device. The foreground application could be any application that has the input focus where the user enters any text using the keyboard.

For example, the foreground application could be executing and displayed on a display of a mobile device. The soft input keyboard application could also communicate with other executing applications that would improve the user interaction with other applications.

The soft input keyboard application could also be used to find answers, locate any files, translate any data in the other language, use features from other applications in the device. It could also receive suggestions, improve the selection of content with application extensibility, provide auto-completion of content in the foreground applications.

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This would also enable the easy transfer of data to a foreground application which could be obtained from services that are communicating with the soft input keyboard application without the need to select or copy or paste.

The auto-completion feature of the multi-window keyboard application are based on the user’s context and are not a generic auto-complete that are present in the traditional keyboards. The soft input keyboard applications or the multi-window keyboard are not only limited to the above-mentioned function but could also perform many other functions that could ease the life of the user.

The keyboard

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There are many applications that restrict the user to the functionality provided by an application. The users typically execute multiple applications simultaneously to accomplish different tasks in the minimum amount of time.

The limitations in available display space on the mobile device also forces the user to switch back and forth between multiple applications in order to perform multiple tasks. But, this new multi-window keyboard could solve such problems.

This application is highly scalable and could perform many other functions like it can detect and communicate with other applications, it also has the ability to evaluate the context of a foreground application including executing threads.

The multi-window keyboard also reduces the processing load by minimising the number of applications that needs to execute to complete the tasks. This multi-window keyboard improves the interaction between a user and a mobile device.

What next?

The next challenge for the Microsoft will be to release this application for all the devices. Microsoft will also have to decide whether it is going to release this application for only windows operating the g phone or all the operating systems. They will also face many challenges for the companies like Google who are also working on the smart keyboard to enhance the user experience.

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