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New Android Clubhouse Users Says It Is Broken


Reviews on Play Store Regarding The Malfunctioning Of The App

The newly launched application on Android of the audio only, invite exclusive social media- Clubhouse was earlier an iOS exclusive audio chat social media world’s launched back in September 2020. It is now available for Android users all over the world.

As mentioned right here, the application is currently based on invite-only. This simply means that those who want to sign up for this app would require an invite from an existing user, either from Android or iOS version. The further process of the sign up should be as smooth as butter once the invite is in the hand.

This is what is supposed to happen. Nonetheless, some of the Android users who have signed up on the app have reported that the verification process on the Android version is not exactly working as the app said that it would. The users do not seem to be happy about it.

A lot of users who aren’t satisfied about it have expressed their feelings by commenting on the review section for the application on the Google Play Store. A lot of these reviews say that they have not been receiving the verification code. Even if they got the code, when they try to re-enter their phone number, the app shows the notification that the number is either incorrect or not supported.

In the company’s defence, the app is however a public beta version. The Clubhouse is soon expected to get these glitches and non-functioning elements fixed before they lose any more users. The stable version of the application is expected to roll out pretty soon.

The audio only social media app which is currently exclusive to invites only, has become a big, super popular social media space today, in 2021.

Although, it looks as if Clubhouse’s popularity has shrunk over the past few months. As per the company- Mashable, Clubhouse had almost around 2 million downloads in January this year, and just next month, the same number went up to more than 9.5 million in February.



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