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“Philips Momentum”, first gaming monitor for Xbox at $1,599
Philips launched its first new gaming monitor called “Philips Momentum” which is specially designed for the Xbox series and priced at $1,599

Philips launched “Philips Momentum”, the first gaming monitor designed for Xbox at $1,599

Philips launched “Philips Momentum”, the first gaming monitor designed for Xbox at $1,599

Philips announced the Momentum 559M1RYV, a 55-inch VA monitor that replaces the Momentum 558M1RY, in February. The pricing of the company’s latest high-end monitor, however, has not been revealed. The Philips Momentum 559M1RYV is now the first ‘Designed for Xbox’ gaming monitor packed with unique Xbox game modes, despite taking four months to develop.

Philips Momentum Gaming Monitor – Specification And Features 

Philips Momentum Gaming Monitor – Specification And Features 

Philips Momentum Gaming Monitor – Specification And Features

The Designed Xbox Philips Momentum display ushers in a new age of gaming for dedicated console gamers. For a deeper immersion and overall gaming greatness, upgrade to Bowers & Wilkins sound and new Ambiglow lighting. Here are the complete specification and features the new gaming monitor offers:

Capable with Xbox series to provide the best possible gaming experience

The new gaming monitor by Philips offers the best connectivity with the Xbox series and has developed it specifically to bring a high-quality Xbox display, which has been tested to offer the best visual performance for the Xbox Series X from the minute you plug it in.

Support for smooth 4K/120 Hz console gaming

When you connect your Xbox Series X and other next-gen consoles through one of the numerous HDMI 2.1 connectors, you can play in ultra-clear 4K resolution with a smooth 120 Hz frame rate. A higher refresh rate means fewer frames are skipped, allowing you to target enemies in an ultra-clear, fluid action.

Support for low-latency gaming

Unlike ordinary TVs, Philips Momentum gaming screens are designed specifically for fast-paced, reaction-time-sensitive games, with minimum latency and lightning-fast pixel response. The display also supports variable refresh rate (VRR) for Xbox Series X, allowing for smoother motion.

Support for Multi-view featuring dual connect feature

With the Philips MultiView display’s ultra-high resolution, you can now immerse yourself in a world of connectedness. MultiView provides active dual connect and view, allowing you to multitask with two devices such as a PC and a notebook at the same time.

Support for Display HDR 1000 featuring truly vivid details and realism

Compared to other ‘HDR compatible’ panels, the VESA-certified DisplayHDR 1000 provides a significantly different visual experience. Extremely dark blacks and dazzling whites contrast with vibrant colors to reveal details you’ve never seen before. Gamers will have an easier time seeing opponents lurking in dark corners and shadows, while moviegoers will have a more engaging and lifelike experience.

This Philips Momentum has three HDR modes: HDR Game, HDR Movie, and HDR Photo, each optimized for different circumstances.

Support for 4K/144Hz PC Gaming 

PC gamers who want a real 4K gaming experience with the highest refresh rate of 144 Hz may now enjoy even smoother gameplay with the supplied connections.

Support for Ambiglow giving better viewing experience 

By producing a halo of light around the monitor, the revolutionary Ambiglow technology enhances the content on the screen. Its rapid processor analyses the incoming picture information and adjusts the color and brightness of the output light to match the image continually. Philips Ambiglow provides a unique and immersive viewing experience, making it ideal for watching movies, sports, or games.

Powered with Bowers & Wilkins built-in speakers supporting immersive sound

The integrated speaker system by famous speaker specialists Bowers & Wilkins offers an epic sound experience wrapped in an acoustically transparent wool-blend Kvadrat material. You can feel the activity around you thanks to an integrated woofer, high-quality middle drivers, and tweeters. This Philips Momentum display also has Bowers & Wilkins-tuned True Sound audio modes: pick an audio mode to improve your gaming, watching, or listening experience.

Easy-on-the-eyes viewing with LowBlue mode and Flicker-free watching

Long hours in front of a display can cause eye strain and tiredness, so we developed LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free technology to help.

Connectivity made it easy with USB-C ports.

Philips Momentum monitor features USB Type-C connection with power delivery. Its reversible, compact USB-C connector provides for a simple, one-cable connection. You can power charge your compatible device immediately thanks to clever and flexible power management. You may view high-definition video while simultaneously charging and powering up your compatible gadget.

Philips Momentum Gaming Monitor – What’s The Pricing?

Philips Momentum Gaming Monitor – What’s The Pricing?

Philips Momentum Gaming Monitor – What’s The Pricing?

Microsoft has not defined what requirements a monitor must fulfill to be certified as “Designed for Xbox.” Despite this, the Momentum 559M1RYV supports an Xbox Game Mode. However, no specifics are available. This summer, the Philips Momentum 559M1RYV will be available for US$1,599.99/€1,419 on Amazon.

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