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Porsche joining hands with German battery maker, Customcells

The German battery maker specializes in making lithium-ion batteries. Porsche and Customcells plan to make high energy density batteries with lesser charging time with their joint venture. Together they are to make a better Porsche battery than the prototype models.

Porsche invests in a factory for high-performance battery cells

Image credits- Porsche newsroom

Volkswagen’s luxury sports car unit is taking steps to rely less on Asian companies for batteries. As the EU continues to have strict policies, Porsche is gearing up to have an efficient electric lineup.

Most EV makers have focused on their own products since the chips shortage issue started affecting the automobile industry. And Porsche is one of the most popular luxury sports car brands, has to make high in EV line.

Additionally, they are also going to make sure lesser raw materials are being used. CustomCells aim to decarbonize the transport sector and redesign powertrain to electrify vehicles. Their official website states that they plan to achieve more than a 500km drive range with their batteries.

Furthermore, Porsche said they would invest a high double-digit million euros in this joint venture. So Porsche will hold 80% of the joint venture.

Porsche battery

Porsche battery currently has a range of more than 300 miles. And they claim that the batteries must be made such that only 15 minutes of charging should be enough. With the 800 charging voltage technology, they say that even thin wire charging would charge the battery.

Porsche battery system.

Image credits- Porsche

This technology to charge the Porsche battery is named Turbocharging. Their batteries can be charged with a 400V charging station or an 800V, depending on their availability. Being a luxury car brand, convenience is of the highest importance.

Production capacity

It is known that they are aiming for a production capacity of 100-kilowatt hours, which results in making enough batteries for 1,000 Porsche battery cars. In April, there were speculations about Porsche joining hands with another company. But the announcement came only recently.

Volkswagen being the parent company of Porsche, has plans to build battery production facilities in various locations. Furthermore, they also plan to expand their charging infrastructure.

As Porsche owns 80% of Customcells, practically, they will be making their own batteries. Having a combined mission of environmental aspects from Customcells and Mission E from Porsche. The resulted car could have lesser carbon emissions. Being luxury cars, they actually play a huge role in reducing carbon emissions because they take up much fuel to be efficient and have higher carbon tailpipe emissions than regular cars.



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