Credit : Microsoft

Preorders for the Xbox Series X mini fridge begin on October 19th for $99.99

Credit : Microsoft

UPDATE: Xbox mini fridges will be available to purchase in Canada via the Xbox Gear Store. In it’s initial announcement Microsoft shared that would ship to Canada, but unfortunately that is no longer the case.

Microsoft will begin selling the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge in time for the holidays, as promised. The fridge will cost $100 and pre-orders will begin on October 19th, according to the business. It will be available in December.

The little fridge was inspired by an image shared by Xbox to demonstrate the size of the Xbox Series X in comparison to a full-sized refrigerator.

Last year, Microsoft built a six-foot refrigerator to promote the introduction of the console. Now, thanks to a victory in a Twitter battle of the brands, you’ll be able to buy a little replica of the fridge.

Microsoft collaborated with Ukonic, a merchandising company! on the Xbox Series X-themed mini fridge, which has LEDs and a design that matches the console.

There’s no debating that the Xbox Mini Fridge is a bit of a gimmick and not very useful. It all started with a meme that went viral, and now we’re months away from the retail release.

Credit : Microsoft

Up to 12 cans of your favorite energy drink or other beverage can be stored in the compact appliance.

There’s also some room for food on the door’s shelf. There’s a USB port and a DC power adaptor provided, which could be useful for charging your Xbox Wireless Controller.

Target will sell the tiny fridge in the United States. It costs £90 in the UK and can be purchased at Game. At first, the fridge will be shipped to France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Poland.

In it’s initial announcement Microsoft shared that would ship to Canada, but unfortunately that is no longer the case. 

“We can confirm we will be shipping online orders of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge to our fans in Canada this holiday. Unfortunately, we got an update today from our partners at Target that they are not able to offer shipping to Canada through their website. Good news however, our team is working hard to support shipping the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge to our fans in Canada only directly from our Xbox Gear store. We plan to have this first wave of units to customer in Canada this December and will have more details to share very soon on pre-orders through our Xbox Gear store.” – Xbox Spokesperson said in an official statement.

The Xbox Mini Fridge will be available in more regions next year, however the exact locations and dates will be determined by governmental clearances and limits in each country.

But, hey, since the Xbox Series X is still exceedingly hard to come by, enthusiasts may at least get something that looks like it. Well, perhaps. The Xbox Mini Fridge is expected to sell out soon, especially because it’s only available at a few chosen retailers. There’s a good chance Xbox Mini Fridges will sell for close to the price of the console on eBay.

However, Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg pointed out on Twitter that the Xbox Mini Fridge is not a limited-edition product. Microsoft is producing “as many as we can this holiday season,” with a second batch arriving early next year. Fans should expect it to sell out, according to Greenberg.