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PS5 Owners Can Get 6 Month Free Subscription Of Apple TV Plus

PS5 Owners Can Get 6 Month Free Subscription Of Apple TV Plus

PS5 users can now get Apple TV Plus for free for 6 months, Sony has announced that anyone with a console and PS Plus account can now redeem the offer. We’re not sure if signing up for the free trial will extend you to six months, but if so, you’ll have to wait until your free time ends (three months) on Apple TV + for Sony to promote the PS5, which has been extended to six months.

The deal is open to anyone who uses an Apple TV, and the free trial includes, for example, free 3-month access when you buy an Apple device. Current Apple TV customers can take advantage of the offer, but Sony has said it will only work with standard subscribers who already have a free trial. The caveat is that Apple TV Plus customers who subscribe to the bundle offer (which Sony confirmed applies to anyone who has signed up with an Apple One for the service) will not be able to redeem the trial version.

PS5 Owners Can Get 6 Month Free Subscription Of Apple TV Plus

The deal is open only to UK and US customers with a PlayStation Network account and Apple ID. While Apple has cut the free Apple TV Plus offer on its own hardware to three months, it has struck deals with other companies with similar offerings. While existing and new Apple TV subscribers can benefit from the deal, it is not available for people who have already subscribed to Apple One. Players can access the Apple TV app in their PS5 app area and search the bar for “six months free” to download the service.

To download Apple TV Plus, PS5 owners must download the app from the Media tab of the console and log in with their Apple IDs. Once you sign in with your Apple ID, you will receive 6 months of Apple TV Plus for free. While it looks like Sony’s Apple team will be giving away a free six-month trial of Apple TV to anyone who owns a PlayStation 5 model, it also means digital disc owners will also be eligible.

Apple and Sony have teamed up to offer great advertising for Apple TV streaming service to PS5 owners. Anyone who owns a PlayStation 5 has until July 22, 2022, to redeem Sony’s offer. The new promotion, which offers PlayStation 5 owners six months of free streaming service Apple TV Plus, lasts six months and can be renewed at a monthly cost of $4.99 if you decide to cancel it.

Apple TV Plus

In November, Apple unveiled its TV Plus subscription for PlayStation and Xbox. It was the first step of the company to extend its subscription service to people who do not have the appropriate hardware. The free subscription is part of a collaboration between Sony and Apple to promote a slew of new shows for Apple TV. Apple has a nice gift for PS5 owners if they want to get their console and play a few games.

With Apple TV’s most popular show Ted Lasso TV show featuring Jason Sudeikis returning for a season 2 on 23 July the timing of the offer seems to be perfect for Apple. Apple is determined to drive TV viewers even further, and with “Ted Lasso” on the way, other platforms are also on the way.




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