Rahul Yadav Gets Candid on Reddit AMA !


The AMA session today on reddit had one of the most interesting personality of recent times answering questions. Rahul Yadav, CEO of Housing.com answered questions today from reddit users in a session that was frank and witty. Here are some of the highlights of the session !

Rahul1 Rahul2 Rahul3 Rahul4 Rahul5 Rahul6 Rahul7 Rahul8 Rahul9 Rahul10 Rahul11 Rahul12 Rahul13 Rahul14 Rahul15 Rahul16 Rahul17 Rahul18 Rahul19 Rahul20 Rahul21 Rahul22 Rahul23 Rahul24 Rahul25Rahul26 Rahul27 Rahul28 Rahul29Rahul20

 (All the images in this article are taken from conversations on reddit. )