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Russell Okung becomes the 1st NFL player to get paid in Bitcoin

Russell Okung has now become the first NFL player to get paid in Bitcoin. He tweeted a while back, “Pay me in Bitcoin,” and then replied to his tweet, “Paid in Bitcoin.” This shows that his request has been fulfilled. Do note that the player’s entire salary was not converted to Bitcoin but only half of it. This shows the craze that the cryptocurrency is right now. And if things continue well, we might soo see many more players and industries following the suit of investing in Bitcoin.

How did Russell Okung receive his salary in Bitcoin?

Russell Okung

If you don’t know, then Russell Okung is the tackle for the Carolina Panthers. The sportsman asked the NFL to pay half of his salary in Bitcoin. Though the NFL will still pay him in US dollars, the check will be directly routed to Zap. Zap is a startup that converts normal paychecks to Bitcoins. An interesting fact is that the sportsman did not ask to get paid in Bitcoin between this hype of the digital currencies. But he tweeted regarding this back in May 2019. He believes that if everyone gets paid in Bitcoin, no one will be entitled to tell us the amount that we make of it.

Are other players also accepting Bitcoin?


Image Source: NDTV Gadgtes 360

Though there is no solid proof or any other names, reports suggest that, yes, some players are accepting payments in the form of the digital currency Bitcoin. The founder of the startup ‘Zap’ that converts Russell Okung’s traditional paychecks into Bitcoins revealed the same information. Jack Mallers told Coindesk (a crypto news site) that some players from Yankees and Brooklyn nets are accepting Bitcoin payments.

The fact that Bitcoin is going high as a rocket, it doesn’t seem to be a bad idea to accept millions of dollars in the form of that currency. It is very probable that Russell Okung has already made millions from his salary through the currency. But you never know how long this idea seems to be good. This is because the currency also went high like this in 2017 and crashed badly. We never know what’s going to happen, so it’s just raw speculation.

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