Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Durability Test Reveals an Odd Surprise

When you are paying around $1,000 for a smartphone, you should expect it to be the premium model and sturdy. Given that’s exactly what and what you will be paying for a Galaxy Note 9, you’d presume Samsung has taken great pains to ensure that it won’t explode or even break.

Fortunately, the Korean OEM does have an actual record when it comes to durability. Of course, there is always a first time for everything and so, JerryRigEverything put the phablet through its rigorous tests. The results, as they say, will surely be going to surprise you.

Given the almost standard components and materials on smartphones, some of those tests almost become meaningless. Of course, you will never get to know if there’s a surprise lurking around the corner. Or, in this case, under buttons, as we have already seen a later point in time.

There are also good surprises too. On the other hand, the burn test remains meaningless in real life scenario. But, this time it had a welcome change. OLED screens, just like their cheaper LCD counterparts, burn white after a few seconds and never recover, which will leave a permanent ghost on your screen. So, it’s remarkable that the Galaxy Note 9’s Super AMOLED screen did recover completely, minus the melted oleophobic coating on top.

What exactly so surprising in the smartphone test is the volume, power, and Bixby buttons. For the first time in Samsung’s history, those buttons can be pried off. It will take intentional effort though and they usually function when returned.

Picture Credits: PhoneArena