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Samsung Galaxy S22 may feature a smaller battery compared to its predecessors
Battery for Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected to be smaller than that its predecessor, Galaxy S21 series – Checkout to know more:

Samsung Galaxy S22 may feature a smaller battery compared to its predecessors

Samsung Galaxy S22 may feature a smaller battery compared to its predecessors
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Just a few weeks ago, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. As a result, rumors and leaks about Samsung’s next Galaxy S22 flagship smartphone have begun to surface. New rumors have surfaced regarding the battery capacity of the Galaxy S22 smartphone series.

The Galaxy club claims that the Galaxy S22 (S901) would include a battery with a capacity of 3590 mAh, dubbed the EB-BS901ABY. When compared to the Galaxy S21’s slightly bigger 3880 mAh battery, this one has a lower capacity.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 was touted as having a 4,000 mAh battery when it was first released. The Galaxy S22 will most likely be advertised as having a 3,600 or 3,700 mAh battery in light of this. As a result, the Galaxy S22 has 7.5 percent less battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Keep in mind that the battery capacity shown above is for the Galaxy S22’s most inexpensive variant, which is likely to feature a smaller display and a lower resolution. The Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra are likely to have 4,500 mAh batteries, while the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ are slated to have 5,000 mAh batteries.

The Galaxy S22’s battery life may be unaffected despite its reduced size, according to reports. Samsung is expected to make use of more energy-efficient parts, such as the CPU, screen, and others. The firm did launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a new display technology called Eco2OLED, which uses less power than the normal OLED panel and even the forthcoming CPU is likely to be power-efficient.

As a result, despite the lower battery, the Galaxy S22 is projected to have a similar battery life to the Galaxy S21. The battery life might have been enhanced with a similar-sized or even larger one, as expected from the next generation of premium smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series – Other Details

We haven’t heard anything about the Galaxy S22’s pricing just yet, but we expect Samsung to maintain it in line with the Galaxy S21’s range. All three models have had their costs slashed by $200, and we don’t see that trend continuing.

Galaxy S22 will cost $799 if Samsung keeps its current price approach, Galaxy S22 Plus $999, and Galaxy S22 Ultra $1,199 if Samsung maintains its current pricing plan. Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S21 FE, a lower-cost model, between now and the launch of the Galaxy S22, although there are rumors that this might be delayed due to a global chip shortage.

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