Sometimes all you need is a loving partner: This couple shows it all!

Sometimes all you need is a loving partner: This couple shows it all!

Love takes a lot of commitment and effort, and this shows in this young couple’s video. They are not like traditional couples, but it’s all right to be different. It’s just that you have to be the right person for each other and sometimes all you need is a loving partner.

In the video, we can see that the guy is suffering from cancer and can no longer do his normal routine by himself. But the wife makes sure that he never feels uncomfortable.

She starts the video where she is going on a date night with her husband for her birthday.

She continues, “I set his clothes by him since going up and down the stairs is hard for him.”

After that, she sets up food and water for their cute dogs, who will be by themselves while they are away. The couple treats them like their children.

Then she goes to the ground floor to get her husband ready for the date because he is unable to do it by himself because of cancer.

It is taking time but they are making progress every day and hopefully, it will get better soon. The husband even has an ostomy bag. It is a procedure that allows the body to pass waste into the bag.

Things were taking more time because the wide has to get ready herself and then help her husband but it’s alright. He also needs help while getting down the stairs when coming out of the house.

After this, they reach the restaurant and she says, “I didn’t know if he’d be here for my 25th birthday. But I’m so grateful he is. My wish already came true. For him to be healthy and living life again.”

Watch the video here:


We’re not a normal young married couple, Date nights are amazing but they do look different than most people. We love our journey but I can be hard sometimes . #disability #datenight #cancersucks #insicknessandinhealth #vows #miracle

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The top comment in the video was “you guys are what a pure representation of what love in both sickness and health looks like. so many people look up to you guys. never stop sharing your alls story. prayers to you guys!”

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