PlayStation Stars
Credit @ PlayStation

Sony Introduces New Loyalty Program PlayStation Stars

Sony announced PlayStation Stars, a new loyalty program for players which would award members rewards for performing specific activities. Once enrolled, members of this new loyalty program will receive rewards by completing campaigns and activities. PlayStation Stars loyalty program will feature a variety of different campaigns and challenges players can take on in order to unlock rewards. PlayStation Stars will also feature a new reward, which is called the digital collectible, according to Sony.

PlayStation Stars
Credit @ PlayStation

As explained in a recent PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Stars is set to launch at the end of the year, with players being able to sign up for free, and once signed up, members will be able to earn rewards through various campaigns and activities. Sony has announced PlayStation Stars got rewards including the ability to earn money in your PSN Wallet, PS Plus subscribers will earn points from purchases, and digital collectibles (which are not NFTs, categorically).

The PlayStation Stars recently announced is similar to the Microsoft Rewards Program used by the Xbox, giving players loyalty points which they can then spend on rewards such as PSN wallet funds and selected products on PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus members will also receive points automatically from purchases made in PlayStation Store, as long as they sign up for the loyalty program.


Completing these challenges will earn players loyalty points, which can be redeemed for things such as PSN store funds and other in-store merchandise. There is a yet-to-be-announced minimum threshold, crossing which would allow subscribers to exchange rewards points for PlayStation Network Wallet funds, or even directly trade them in for certain PlayStation Store products. Players will be able to exchange rewards points for a range of rewards, ranging from virtual collectibles to PlayStation wallet funds.

Players will also receive rewards for things like earning a certain trophy or being the first person in the area to Platinum a game. As part of PlayStation Stars, the first player to achieve Platinum having completed all achievements within a game within their local time zone will also earn the prize, locking others out of winning it. The campaigns will feature PlayStations monthly Check-In Campaign, in which points are earned simply by playing any title on your console.

The new loyalty program gives players digital tokens for completing monthly tasks related to playing games on the PS4 and 5, a move that the company says is meant to honor players’ loyalty, while it is likely also trying to encourage players to spend more time playing games on the PlayStations, specifically.

A surprising announcement, and one that has received quite a positive response on the internet, the recently announced PlayStation Stars is slated to launch at the end of 2022 and is a free-to-join loyalty program, which gives players Loyalty Points to redeem on a variety of rewards. Similar to the way that Xbox Game Pass has a Missions system that implements points earned towards digital rewards, or the way that Nintendo has the Platinum Points system, their platform is a newcomer to existing loyalty programs, and they are looking to right the ship with PlayStation Stars.