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Space Hotel: The Voyager Station to open in 2027
The Voyager Station is the best of science and technology that comes together with hospitality to bring forth unimaginable experiences.

The Voyager Station

Source: CNN

The future is approaching at lightspeed it seems because the news that we’ve been hearing about the advancements in technology are some pretty massive upgrades. The latest reports come of the world’s first-ever space hotel that is speculated to open in 2027, believe me!

The pandemic has been rough on pretty much all of humanity and we all must have made up our perfect post-pandemic vacation plans with friends and family. How about going to space to live in a hotel?

Sounds right about perfect!

An ongoing project of a new construction company named ‘Orbital Assembly Corporation’, run by former pilot John Blincow is planning to open its luxurious space hotel in 2027. According to reports, the project was originally named ‘Von Braun Station’ when it was handled by the Gateway Foundation back in 2019 but since Blincow took over the project with his new company, it is called “Voyager Station”.

According to a report by Architectural Digest, Voyager Station is designed to accommodate over 280 guests and an additional 112 crew members. The completion date of Voyager Station, the space hotel project is 2027 and as you all must have guessed, the room rates and travel costs are still undisclosed but we know that they are going to cost the earth, pun intended!

The Voyager Station

Source: Hospitality ON

It is a possibility that the Orbital Assembly Corporation might partner up with Elon Musk’s SpaceX for to-and-fro Space travel, as mentioned by Blincow in a recent Live. If travelling to space and enjoying the luxuries of a space hotel is the future then it sure is impressively promising.

Having said that, who remembers Gravity? Reports suggest that the physics involved with sleeping and moving normally on the Voyager Station is similar to spinning wine in a barrel. Water in a bucket will also work! Imagine spinning the barrel with water inside and you notice that the water stays exactly where it is in the middle bottom, the same phenomenon of physics is applied up there. The space hotel would simulate gravity by spinning at a calculated speed so that guests and crew members can have a comfortable stay in their luxurious hotel, as mentioned in a report by Architectural Digest.

However, gravity will not steal the experience of weightlessness from the guests, it is part of the appeal along with recreational activities including games like basketball. Imagine jumping off the ground and literally flying to score a basket, wouldn’t it be awesome?

The Voyager Station

Source: Globetrender

AD’s report suggests that the Orbital Assembly Corporation has assured the public that the cost of its space hotel will be something similar to the price of a cruise ticket, but you never know.

The Voyager Station is the best of science and technology that comes together with hospitality to bring forth unimaginable experiences. So, get ready for the future, 2027 is not that far!




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