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The Last Of Us PS5 Remake Can Release This Year

The PlayStation 5 remake of The Last of Us (TLOU) is rumored to be almost complete and could be released later this year. Bloomberg reported last year that Naughty Dog is working on a remake of the first TLOU game for the PS5. We don’t expect to see any story changes in the remake it will be more of a remaster will graphical bumps to take advantage of the power of the PS5. The Last of Us was remastered once and is now moving from PS3 to PS4, but the other remake is underwhelming.

The Last Of Us Remake

Credit @ Naughty Dog

Both Henderson and VGC have been pretty reliable sources of information in the past, and we hope their statements will lead to a game release later this year. The remake has no official release date yet, and Druckmann can reference any number of projects. As per the reports by trusted sources, Naughty Dog is planning to release the remake in the latter part half of 2022. A PlayStation 5 remake of Naughty Dogs The Last of Us is nearing completion and could be released later this year.

This is why we saw many leaks and reports pointing to a remake of the first PS5 game, The Last of Us. The good news though is that a remake of the original game now looks very likely, as does the estimated release date. Remember, as the name has yet to be announced, please be careful about all of this until it is announced. Henderson also rightly notes that with HBO’s The Last of Us show approaching, the previews are likely to come alongside the preview.

While using the power of the updated Naughty Dog engine the remake can definitely receive a huge graphical makeover over the original that can truly make it stand out. Many have wondered if The Last Of Us really needed a remake given how good it is, and while the answer is probably no, it’s mostly because the Naughty Dog team didn’t have much to work on since their new mainstream project was postponed. It looks possible that Sony is planning to release the remake at the same time as the release of HBO’s The Last Of Us live action which will arrive later this year. The Last of Us Part II already received an update for the PS5 last year, but if Naughty Dog and Sony really intend to do so, a Director’s Cut version will be released, which will likely include new content in addition to PS5 features.

The Last Of Us Remake

Credit @ Naughty Dog

Since the launch of the PS5 console, rumors of the remake of “The Last of Us” has been circulating, but new reports indicate that we may see it sooner than we thought. Since April last year, there have been rumors that the remake of “The Last of Us” is underway, and it seems that 2022 maybe its release year. On the one hand, given that “The Last of Us” received an updated port on PlayStation 4 in 2014, it seems a bit surprising that it will get a remake. However, given that the adapted version of “The Last of Us” will land on HBO until the end of the year, it makes sense for PlayStation to hope that the new version can be used on PS5.

Delayed multiplayer mode for The Last of Us Part 2 is expected to be released in 2022 and is now a standalone version. The release date of The Last of Us remake, they have not confirmed that the game is currently in development. The Last of Us Remake is expected to be released on PS5, and a new report indicates that the project may be ready to land on the PlayStation Store before the end of 2022.

The Last Of Us Remake

Credit @ Naughty Dog

According to Tom Henderson, the remake of The Last of Us is due out in the second half of 2022 and is supposedly in development exclusively for the PS5. This isn’t the first time we’ve been told about a remake of the game, as it first surfaced amid reports of mismanagement from its own studio called The Visual Arts Service Group. Both Sony and Naughty Dog have not confirmed such reports, so there is no guarantee that “The Last of Us” will receive a next-generation remake, especially since the PS4 remake already exists. According to the VGC report, the complete remake of “The Last of Us” may impact the current generation system this year.

PlayStation Studios, one of the most notable contributions this potential remake of The Last of Us is offering is the upcoming HBO TV series. To harness the potential of the PS5 and the new Naughty Dog engine, and to be released alongside an HBO adaptation for true interaction with PlayStation Studios, the Last of Us remake certainly has more than enough reasons to exist and it should be welcomed with open arms.

They intended to use this project as a way for Sony to bring together the first and second Last of Us games on the PS5. However, Naughty Dog appears to have taken over the project following the launch of The Last of Us Part II in June 2020. Naughty Dog is also working on another project that is The Last of Us II Director’s Cut which as of the time of writing has no details out. It looks like the studio’s new multiplayer project, a standalone game that might be the Factions equivalent of The Last of Us Part 2, is coming this year.



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