The Sun promotes Pi network while asking people to stay away from scams

Pi Network or simply Pi is a new cryptocurrency that can be easily mined from one Phone. But lately, speculations say that Pi could be a scam. Recently The Sun posted a blog on their page about the optimistic side of the crypto platform. On the other hand, on the same blog page, they posted an article on Crypto Scams. Hence, the question arises what are their (The Sun’s) true beliefs regarding Pi Network?

The Sun updates contradicting posts about Pi Network today
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Let’s talk about Pi Network a little

As we all know that investing our money is more significant than saving, cryptocurrency is something where people are investing, seeing the long term benefits. And cryptocurrencies are also maintained by communities, or you can say blockchain geniuses. And by using Pi, you can mine or earn by helping in securing the digital currency. Most cryptos like BTC, ETH are very hard for people to use and access. And Pi puts a full stop to it and gives you the power of mining cryptocurrency within your hands.

Are you interested to know how it works?

Pi Coin is a cryptocurrency that runs on the platform, but it’s still in pre-release mode. We have to wait a little longer until they launch Phase 3. Using complex computer programmes, Pi Network uses series of votes and exchanges to ensure that the transactions are safe. Also, Pi Network makes sure that a person can mine without draining all of their Phone’s battery.

The Sun updates contradicting posts about Pi Network today
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Is it a scam or not?

As said by The Sun, with digital currency, it isn’t easy to know whether crypto is legit or not. They ask netizens to be careful while sharing personal details on such platforms. Ms Streeter mentions that the platform uses unproven technology. Streeter adds that it may not be a viable platform and doesn’t have any future.

On the contrary, some say that Pi is not at all a scam. It’s a genuine and grand effort from a team of Stanford Graduates to provide access to cryptocurrency. The masterminds behind the initiative are two Stanford PhD holders and one Stanford MBA graduate. And together, they created their blockchain community. There is a grey area about whether or not the project will succeed, but they guarantee high standards of integrity when it comes to mining crypto.

About Pi network controversy

The Sun newspaper updates its blog page every day relating to different kinds of news. And recently, they said to be aware of scams regarding cryptocurrency. And few hours after releasing the article, they also made an article promoting ‘Pi Network’. Hence, the controversy began whether or not they are portraying the correct news. And whether Pi Network could be trusted as a safe platform or not. And if you need assistance with your technology, BCA IT in Miami is an IT support provider that can be of assistance.

So, what are your thoughts about two different articles posted by The Sun? Also, do you think Pi Network can make a difference in the world of mining cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comment section below and if you like the content, share it with your friends.

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