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TikTokers report low payouts from its Creator Fund affects their mental health
Further, they stated how some are even taking the step to entirely quit the platform

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TikTokers report how low payouts from its Creator Fund affects their mental health, leading to some even quitting entirely.
Source: Business Insider

Revelations from this week indicate how content creators on social media platform TikTok are exiting the site’s environment. Reportedly, this is owing to them facing struggles to earn sufficiently from its Creator Fund. Such dejection is pushing them to leave the spectrum of creating material for the site.

Last year in April, a post on TikTok from Kevin Yatsushiro went on to get viral on the site. This video indicated him replacing the switches on the keyboard of his PC. With time, it received about three million views with people visibly commenting about this being the very first long form video they had fully viewed on the platform.

Socially referred to as @itskiwicvlt, Yatsushiro is famous on the site for his content based on anime and gaming. Expectantly, he was waiting for a somewhat fair payment for his long form video. However, the TikToker reportedly only received a payment of $12.50 through the Fund for the viral content.

In a statement, he expressed how seeing a payment this less for his work led to him feeling ‘less’ regarding his worth. Yatsushiro stated how it came as a ‘huge blow’ to his mental wellbeing, driving him to not feel like creating content any further.

Further reactions to such payments:

Various famous creators on the platform, such as ‘MrBeast’ and Hank Green, went on express public criticisms for the site owing to the less payments. This is despite TikTok pledging to paying out $1 billion from the Creator Fund. Yatsushiro, on the other hand, went all the way to fully exit the Fund, taking on a permanent position at a prominent corporation. Similarly, many other such creators went on to express their dissatisfaction with the incomes.

With almost 93,000 followers on TikTok, content creator Alicia Trautwein currently posts more on other social media platforms nowadays, citing how they pay more. However, she continues to spend some time on TikTok for her followers despite it paying just $10 in a month for a video, much less than Pinterest and Instagram.

Both the creators reportedly took to the social media company managers to express their issues, even suggesting to make the Fund safer and fairer. Particularly, they stated how standardisation of rates could help by means of creating closer ties of the earnings to the money generated on it.

Certain creators on TikTok noted that the best way to generate profit from their pages is to take brand deals. Through this, they can decide their respective prices by taking into account their specific reach and audience.