TOP 5 Effective Ways to Promote Mobile Casinos

One of the advantages of running an online gambling business is that you have a massive number of potential users. The problem with this arrangement is that the competition is really tight. Even today, when a country decides to make online gambling legal, operators are instantly lining up to apply for the license, because they know that timing is crucial.

However, even if you manage to launch to the site or the app in a timely manner your success won’t be guaranteed. You need to ensure that your mobile casino is visible to potential users, and that’s something you can do only through marketing.  Here we will go over some of the most effective ways to promote your casino app or mobile-friendly site.  

Bonus Offers and Promo Codes

The most effective tool for user acquisition is bonuses and promo codes. Without these incentives, users are highly unlikely to make an account and deposit any funds, if they already have an account with another operator. The reason why users play on multiple mobile casinos is that they get the best deals through a welcome bonus, which is exclusive to new players. You can also add an incentive for downloading an app so that users will have your app on their phones at all times. This can even be a part of a non-deposit bonus, and you’ll ensure that players are more likely to log in and play on your mobile casino. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Lots of businesses, in general, are relying on affiliate marketing to boost their sales or conversion rate. Your mobile casino should also have this type of program, as that makes influencers more likely to join in and promote your platform. This is extremely effective if you have poker rooms where people can play against one another online. 

Streamers who play poker can display your affiliate link, and their viewers are likely to use it. This is because viewers love to troll streamers from time to time and snipe them online. In order to snipe someone, you need to act really fast, and affiliate links can help them with that.

Mobile Ads

Most of the operators promote their site or app using ads in other free smartphone games or applications. This can be very effective as you can target a relevant audience, and because there aren’t many advertising channels available to gambling companies. The general public usually takes issue when casinos publicly advertise their content, with these ads you can make sure only target groups see your ad. The ad also has buttons with embedded links that lead directly to your site or mobile app, so it’s convenient for the viewers to make an account. 


SEO is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign, as it ensures that your content is relevant in the eyes of search engines. It has many benefits and almost all businesses use it, regardless if they are getting most of their revenue from online sales or not. Even some minor things can help out, like adding your business information on Google and optimizing product descriptions. You can do this yourself, or you can hire an agency that specializes in SEO campaigns.

Casino Reviews 

If you want your site or app to be on a trusted list, then it would be good to have a third party review it and evaluate it. There are lots of sites that do reviews on mobile casinos and gambling sites, and they rank them. You can rank based on the quality of your bonuses, payment processing efficacy, or even based on the country where your content is available. 


These are some of the most effective ways to promote your mobile casino. They are also not too expensive like some other methods, like having a brand ambassador or sponsoring a sports team. These more expensive methods can also be incredibly effective, but if you are just starting out, it will be impossible to afford these promotions.