Watch: SpaceX Starlink 28, Falcon 9 Using A Different Booster
This is the first time this year they have changed the booster from B1058 to B1063

On 15th May the Falcon 9 was testing with the Booster B1063. Not all launches include test launches, however, the testing was successful. And the weather is looking good for the launch and the Starlink 28 launch is expected to go smoothly.

The FAA ✈️ on Twitter: ".@SpaceX conducted an FAA-licensed launch 🚀of a  communications satellite from @45thSpaceWing. This is the 19th #FAA  licensed launch of the Falcon 9 this year. Learn more at

The video is available on Youtube,  it is a 15 min launch. Once the first stage booster lands on the launch pad after launching the satellites in the orbit. Then the launch is considered successful. However, the satellites are powered from the launched location and move towards their fleet covering the globe.

Furthermore, the launch took place on 26th May, 2:59 PM EDT (1859 GMT). This is the fourth launch of Falcon 9 this month. It carried 60 fleets of Starlink satellites. As this is the 28th Launch of Starlink, it is known as Starlink 28.

A successful launch is announced by SpaceX station.

Basically it is a 15 minutes launch video, where liquid oxygen can be seen coming out from the rocket. Again 1 minute before the launch the stage 1 booster and stage 2 booster get ready for launch. Eventually waiting for the final go call.

The Falcon 9 uses two propellants, fuels with refined kerosene, and also has densified oxygen. As the lift-off took place, the tail fire can be seen and the view from the rocket, as the rocket moves away from the earth can be seen.

Within one minute after launch, the aerodynamics of the rocket reaches a maximum and the first stage separates from the second stage. The second stage goes with the rocket to orbit.

Further, William Hardwood from CBS new space notes that they launched video is remarkably clearer than earlier launches.

Booster 1063

In 2021 all the launches by SpaceX used the same booster, till the booster was used more than 10 times recently on May 16th. It was Booster B1058.

The Booster 1063 was used in November 2020 for a NASA launch of Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich. For this launch two engineers needed to be replaced for the booster, hence a test was needed.

Stage 1 Booster lands on the “Just read the instructions” launchpad.

Officially the Falcon 9 was flown 40th time since November 2019. And the SpaceX teams work on resuing the most expensive parts again and again, where the grid fins or fairing of the rocket are already being reused. They talk more in the video, as the Starlink 28 goes into orbit.

Usually, SpaceX has been saving the new booster for commercial flights. But recently as the previous booster has been doing well, they wanted to start using another one.

Successfully finished the first orbital shell launches

With Starlink 28 launch, the satellites are to be done with the shell one of phase 1 as schedules by SpaceX. Furthermore, Phase 1 has five shells, where all the details like distance, inclination, and the number of satellites in each shell vary.

As Starlink received more than 500,000 pre-orders already, the company is picking up its speed. Being prepared with providing its services to 5 million. In alliance with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, the ground networking system is being improved.

More than 40 thousand people have been watching the Youtube live even after the launch was announced successful. Recently a user shared his internet speed while using Starlink Internet. And more remote areas have been looking forward to having Starlinks in their remote or rural areas.