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Stories @ Techstory – Weekly Roundup !


Everything you wanted to know about India’s largest online supermarket – Bigbasket.com !

BigBasket.com is India’s largest online supermarket and allows a customer to walk away from the drudgery of grocery shopping and welcome an easy relaxed way of browsing and shopping for groceries. The company currently operates from Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad and has a diverse portfolio that carries more than 12,000 products and over 1,000 brands.

Read Full Story at : https://techstory.in/bigbaske/

How Shweta Malik is converting schools into Multiple Intelligence Units with Wolnut.com !

Shweta Malik, founder of Wolnut.com, plans to convert schools into MI (Multiple Intelligence) based schools where the unique potential that each child has is recognized well on time and is polished the right way for success!

Read Full Story at : https://techstory.in/wolnut/

Indian startup founders every Indian should know !

Read Full Story at :  https://techstory.in/indian-startup-founders-every-indian-should-know/

From a School Teacher to the creator of $160 Billion Alibaba Empire ! – The story of Jack Ma !

From very humble beginnings to the largest IPO in the US history, the story of Jack Ma of Alibaba is the one of true spirit of entrepreneurship – hardwork, innovation and never giving up !

Read Full Story at : https://techstory.in/jackma/

Salaries of some of India’s top CEO’s

Ever wondered what some of the top CEO’s in our country earned in FY 2013-2014 ?

Read Full Story at : https://techstory.in/salaries-of-some-of-indias-top-ceos/

Anti-Uber backlash spreading around the world !

Read Full Story at : https://techstory.in/anti-uber-backlash-spreading-around-the-world/

5 Startups to Watch in 2015

Read Full Story at :https://techstory.in/5-tech-startups-to-watch-in-2015/

Rentongo – A one Stop Shop for all Lenders and Borrowers !

Nikhil Chhabra, founder of Rentongo, talks to Techstory.in about his expansion plans for the company and his ‘Quality of Service’ initiative to tackle challenges in the renting industry !

Read Full Story at : https://techstory.in/rentongo/

Technary.com – For Honest and Unbiased Gadget and Software Reviews !

Nikhil Narkhede, founder of Technary talks to Techstory about how Technary carved a unique place for itself in the crowded world of gadgets and software review blogs and how the company plans to venture into the Gaming space very soon.

Read Full Story at : https://techstory.in/technar/



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