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Solar Plant in West Africa by Puma Energy’s Future Energies
Located in Ghana, West Africa, 11 service stations out of 14 have battery storage.

Puma Energy is a Singapore-based oil company, focusing on sustainable energy through their “Future Energies” subsidiary. Ghana has a high potential for solar energy production.

Puma Energy launches solar power systems - The Business & Financial Times

Image credits- The Business & Financial Times

The newly established Future Energies plan to have solar and battery-based power production in Ghana, Africa. Their further plans also include establishing solar and other sustainable energy production all over the world.

The Future Energies global head spoke on the same as,

“By combining our expertise and local knowledge with the right sites and access to finance, we hope to accelerate the renewable energy transition in Ghana not just for Puma but for our customers too.”

The future is here

Puma‘s Future Energies have a commitment to developing infrastructure and thus providing sustainable energy. The project in Ghana supposedly has a capacity of 422kw with a battery capacity of 224kw.

In an interview with the media, the manager Henry Osei told,

“We are proud to install the solar systems in our sites and depots as it meets our purpose of energizing communities and reinforces our commitment to clean energy solutions and meeting our ESG goals. “

Furthermore, speaking about the potential in West Africa, he added,

“Africa, and Ghana, in particular, has a great potential for solar power and we are establishing the first steps to transforming this potential into a more sustainable and energy-efficient system to power our sites and depots. Ghana is pleased to be the first country to show the first footprints of our energy transition drive in Africa.”

Ghana’s potential

As the website says, they are working on providing commercial and industrial needs, alongside bringing innovative solutions for communities and governments. West Africa is a good place for their start.

Besides Puma’s Future Energies, an Abu Dhabi fund for development signed a deal for a major solar project. From 2011, Ghana attracted around 2,000MW solar installations.

With highest percapita income, Ghana is highly preferred for renewable energy businesses. Back in 2011, when the raising temperatures started effecting people’s life in Ghana, the government set a target of achieving at least 10% of energy to be from renewable energy resources.

However, by the end of 2020, the country was still at only 5%, but due to changing times globally the situations is improving. As Sustainable Sqaure suggests, the Ghana government could consider having another set of new goals. As companies like Puma’s Future Energies emerge in the region, with a standard power supply rate. It shouldn’t be as tough as earlier.

Puma’s Future energy’s potential

As per their website says, the company is thoroughly focusing on different areas. Besides the production and manufacturing, they are also going digital. The digital segment including monitoring their currently installed renewbale energy sources. Then, analysing the data, including the mobile payment options. With such ease in technology, it wouldn’t just benefit the company, but also empower the Ghana region.



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