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YouTube to soon update its app with newly designed UI

Youtube has not done a UI overhaul of its app since I can remember. Even though subtle changes were made from time to time, nothing too bold was done. But now finally, Youtube is going to update its app with the newly designed UI. The UI will sport both visual and functional changes and will enhance the user experience.

Why the change in YouTube UI?

Well, reports say that the new UI has been designed by keeping the functionality in mind. According to Youtube, the new layout of buttons and options will help save users a lot of time and improve their experience. As per the functionality standpoint, the new update will also bring gestures to the app to improve the video watching experience.

5 features of the new UI


Image Source: Times of India

1) Digital Wellbeing

More often than not, we spend more time than required on watching youtube hampering our sleeping schedule. To help users in the same Youtube will be adding an option called the ‘Bedtime Reminders’ to help users manage their sleeping schedule better.

2) Fullscreen in and out gesture

Youtube’s new UI will let users enter the fullscreen mode by swiping up the video. It will also let me exit the mode by swiping down. This is help users have a better viewing experience and save a lot of time.

3) Button placements

Two important buttons that were deep down in the menus are the caption and the autoplay button. But now they will be placed at the top of the video side-by-side. This will help users turn them on and off without going into setting every time.

4) Video chapters feature

Sometimes we see a long video of which we want to watch only a specific part. Well, the ‘Video chapters’ features are for that. It will help viewers to jump directly to the part they want to watch.

5) Orientation recommendations

Youtube’s new app will also recommend users the orientation that will provide the best watching experience for specific videos.

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