1987 Tweet

A Tweet takes back netizens to the summer of 1987, and Twitter fills with responses and reactions

Past is a quite intriguing aspect. It is always fun to bring those vintage styles and trends back in vogue. And time travel is another, even more, intriguing aspect, that has almost touched the line of reality in films and books. It was quite fun to watch Thanos coming back to life, or Loki escaping when they rewinded time. However, in life, the closest we get to a blast from the past is through half-muddled dreams where you might or might not have a cup of coffee with Albert Einstein.

Perhaps it was a certain dearth of topics, or perhaps it was actual yearning to traverse the lanes of the past, a tweet took people back to the summer of 1987, giving them ample space for imagination. And they are going wild on their imaginations, reactions filling up on Twitter, and we have yet another name to add to the trending list.

There is no limit to imagination, no visa required to dream, and hence going back to 1987 is just a piece of cake, thanks to this particular tweet. God bless that bored soul who thought it might be a good pastime to give people more food for thought.

When offered a choice, tinted with an epic vintage vibe, the mind will wander back and forth, and add to it, the default boredom.

It might be quite disorienting to wake up to a normal morning, open Twitter, and suddenly notice “Radio Shack” trending. Everything was normal the other day, and perhaps you might need to check the calendar and phone today, or maybe even make sure that you did not get sucked into some Jumanji-like game. It is a wild world, and at this point, anything can happen anywhere. Speculations are in the air of a probable alien visit, why not 1987 and “Radio Shack”?!

Well, priorities first, and given that 1987 is pandemic-free going to a store won’t be much of a trouble.

You cannot blame them.

It is the perfect time to rekindle those good old memories. After all, when stuck in the present, with a hazy future ahead, the past is the best place to be in.

Reflection is always prudent.

It is a day fallen off the pages of the past, to put it in a poetical way.

Sometimes a bit of imagination fused together with humor can be a quite intriguing way to kill time, or to go with the context, to resurrect past time! Whether it be 1987 or 1965, there will be no shortage of responses on Twitter, and as Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I have to say about that.”