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Apple Facing Another Antitrust Lawsuit For Its Apple Watch
Tech giant, Apple has been filed a antitrust lawsuits for its Apple watch, here are complete details

Apple Facing Another Antitrust Lawsuit

Apple Facing Another Antitrust Lawsuit

According to medical business AliveCor, the Apple Watch is at the focus of yet another case, with the business facing another antitrust claim for its ECG technology, which it allegedly “copied.”

According to an AppleInsider story, the Cupertino-based behemoth was previously sued in Texas for patent infringement by the mobile medical business AliveCor.

Apple Again Sued For An Antitrust Lawsuit For Apple Watch

Apple Again Sued For An Antitrust Lawsuit For Apple Watch

Apple Again Sued For An Antitrust Lawsuit For Apple Watch

The company has also requested that the US International Trade Commission prohibit sales of Apple’s wristwatch. AliveCor has now filed a case in the Northern District of California, asking a jury trial on patent problems.

According to the complaint, AliveCor claims that Samsung initially backed the development of the Kardiaband, an electrocardiogram wristband.

According to the complaint, “Apple not only allowed AliveCor’s apps at first, but actively touted AliveCor’s advancements to sell more Apple Watches.”

AliveCor told Apple that it had received FDA certification and that it planned to start selling KardiaBands and its previously authorised Kardia and SmartRhythm applications soon.”

According to the filing, “Apple had finally realised heart health analysis was incredibly valuable to (and desired by) smartwatch users, and had thus been working in the backstory to copy AliveCor’s ideas, including both the ability to watch an ECG on the Apple Watch, as well as the provision of a separate app for heartrate analysis.” Unfortunately, the smartphone maker has yet to answer to the most recent filing.

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