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Discord tweaked their Logo and these 15 Reactions sum up what users think about it.

“Change is the only constant.” However, some changes constantly bring a merry-go-round of adaptation disabilities. When Discord decided to surprise users with their new, slightly tweaked logo, they wouldn’t have thought that a change of font could cause so much ‘discord’ among the users, who are so annoyed by the slight tweaking that they are demanding for a better version.

While some people are totally fine with the new logo, others with microscopic vision and better expertise at font and style, are mulling over the insensitivity of using a too sensitive color for the background. Looks like it wouldn’t be easy for Clyde to glide over easily.

New Discord logo

And as usual, Twitter has got something new to fuss about, with people showing high levels of enthusiasm to show their discord. Perhaps it’s the pandemic, or it is the eye for detail, whatever it is, something didn’t go well with the new logo recipe, and a good majority of users are going through a plight that is equal to emotional turmoil. Looks like the surprise was brewing not for the users, but for the completely unsuspecting company who just wanted to make the logo more friendly. Only, the reactions and responses are a bit unfriendly. Here is a compilation of the user responses and reactions, which include requests for better logos. Designers and creative minds out there might have a chance here.

Clearly not everyone agrees with ‘never judge a book by its cover’ statement. After all, logo is the go-go sign and the users aren’t ready to close their antennas that track the perfection of details (although new Clyde can).

Like somebody said,”What an unwelcome surprise, and what an unsurprising welcome.”

Add a pinch of sarcasm to the batter of disagreement, stir it well, and heat it with some satire, and you have a new trending meme.

The new ‘blurple’ apparently is hitting hard, only not in the way discord might have wanted it to. Couldn’t blame users for expecting them to consult with eye specialists before deciding on the colour palette.

While some where busy being art and color critics, others were busy finding paralelles. Can’t deny, there is a ghost of the past in the new logo though.

Most users possess a magnanimous heart. This is the proof.

Talk about actual discord!

Every Discord user is discovering the Picasso within them, thanks to the discord over Discord.

Taking the philosophical path is always prudent, lest the app goes into oblivion.

Needless to say, Clyde being able to feel did hurt the feelings of a good number of users

Not everybody out there are highly critical after all

Some even took a jibe at the graphic design team

Stubbornness over a palette change is a hard nut to crack, it seems.

It takes a lot of work to move from improved to approved. And when the latter is teamed with an eye for detail, it becomes all the more hard.

Some users are even rethinking their life choices at this point. (Isn’t it a bit too harsh on people who were just trying to be more friendly?Seems like not all equations of friendships work out)





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