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Now Sellers Can Go On-board On Flipkart And Amazon Within 60 Minutes


19 February, 2016 Bangalore: In this cut throat competition where every company is speeding up its operations, Flipkart and Amazon launched another initiatives for its vendors. This initiatives will enable the vendors to go on-board within an hour on any of the above sites. Both the companies have launched these services as their respective vendors want to increase their sales volume.

With these moves, companies are looking forward to strengthen their supply chain and to cut down on delivery time. However, this will enhance the overall experience of the customer as he or she will not have to wait for long to get the order on to his or her door step. By increasing the warehousing and delivery capacity, the large online retailers are tightening all the loose screws of their business and giving a fruitful opportunity to its sellers to grow their business.

Amazon is calling its quick-enrolment programme for sellers Amazon Tatkal, a term the Passport Office employs for a scheme that ensures quick processing of passport applications, reports ET.

“Our conversations with hundreds of small and medium businesses reveal that there is a high level of interest among them to get online and start selling. But they are unable to overcome perception barriers of the process being time-consuming, tedious and complex. As a result many interested sellers tend to put off onboarding tasks,” said Gopal Pillai, General Manager, Seller Services, Amazon India.

“Amazon Tatkal offers registration, imaging and cataloguing services as well as basic seller training, all in about 60 minutes. The programme is an extension of the Amazon ‘Chaikart’ initiative that focuses on spreading awareness among small and medium enterprises on the benefits of selling online,” Pillai adds further.

Image- letsintern.com

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