Here's why you might never be happy in life!

Here’s why you might never be happy in life!

Humans are so dependent on materialistic things that, somewhere, it is affecting our mental health. We look to buy things that we think will make us happy. But once we have it, it’s all the same. Trying to seek happiness in things has never worked out well for anyone. And if you are doing the same, then you might never be happy in life. This is the harsh reality we gotta accept.

Renee recently posted a Tiktok video that explains this beautifully. She begins the video by saying, “For years, we would run out of money 2 weeks before payday.”

However, that didn’t stop her from planning how she was going to spend her next paycheck that hadn’t even hit her bank account. She adds, “New home decor, A great outfit. Cute clothes for the kids.”

But she soon realized what she was doing was wrong, and there was no end to the stuff ‘needed’ her. And she is only going to want more, and it will never make her happy in life.

She also realized that what she wanted was way more than any materialistic thing could offer her. This realisation means she now knows where her priorities should be and how to look for happiness in life.

So, even if you are chasing happy moments, fun and peace from buying things then, you might never be truly happy. New things definitely bring joy, but that is momentarily and fleeting. So, there is no point in trying to find it that way.

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A lot of viewers resonated with this video and commented how they were also facing the same situation. One of them wrote, “I realized after buying all the stuff I wanted, it didn’t make me feel any different.”

While another viewer, Jessica, said how she dealt with this feeling. She wrote, “this is me! I’ve found peace in letting go of chasing the materials and cherishing the things that can’t be bought. my kids, nature, love, laughter.”

And we should also realize that this doesn’t mean that you don’t spend money. But you should not do it compulsively on stuff that does not really add value to your life. So, if you want to go on a vacation or have a nice meal, that is not a problem.

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