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How to defeat Susurrus the final boss in Forspoken
Strategies and Tips to Improve your odds against the final boss Susurrus in Forspoken

Forspoken, the latest RPG from Square Enix, has been highly anticipated by fans of the genre. The game features a vast open world, deep character development, and a challenging final boss that players must defeat in order to complete the game. In the game Forspoken, players take on the role of Frey, a young woman with powerful magic abilities. Susurrus is the final boss of the game and is divided into three phases, each with its own unique challenges and strategies. In this article, we will discuss the strategies and techniques that players can use to defeat Susurrus and complete Forspoken.

Credits – Microsoft

In the first phase, Players should attack the X marks with fire attacks as they seem to deal the most damage. Once you finish the first phase the second phase will start with a cutscene being the indication.

In the second phase, the boss will majorly focus on aerial attacks to Frey, players should use the same strategy as the first phase and get him down to 50% health, now Susurrus will split into three and attack Frey from different angles so try to use skip and stay on the fly, Fire spells can be used to deal with the ads(ads are any enemies other than the boss in a boss fight) that Susurrus spawns.

In the final phase, Susurrus will go into a human-like nimble form, it is best to have him mid-range and switch between different attacks and see what works best for you. Soon players will be prompted to use the Purple magic and finish Susurrus. Once you have successfully defeated Susurrus, a cutscene will play and the game will be complete. Congratulations on completing Forspoken!

Additional tips to improve your odds even further:

It is also important to keep an eye on Susurrus’ health bar, as he will become more aggressive and unpredictable as his health decreases.

Another important aspect of this phase is to use fire breath to deal damage to Susurrus while also providing cover for Frey. fire breath can also be used to interrupt Susurrus’ attacks, giving Frey an opportunity to deal damage.

In addition to using the buffed fire breath, it is also important to use Frey’s healing spells to keep herself alive during the fight. Susurrus’ attacks can deal massive damage, and it is important to be prepared for this by having a good stock of healing items and spells.

As the fight progresses, Susurrus will also start using more powerful attacks, such as a massive blast of fire that covers a wide area. This attack can be avoided by using Skip to quickly move out of the way, or by using fire breath to block the attack.

In summary, the key to defeating Susurrus in Forspoken is to focus on exploiting his weak points, using Frey’s fire spells, fire breath and a host of other attacks in combination until something works to deal damage, and being prepared for the boss’ powerful attacks by keeping a good stock of healing items and spells. Additionally, it is important to be mobile on the battlefield and to use Skip to avoid Susurrus’ attacks. With patience and a bit of skill, you will be able to successfully defeat Susurrus and complete Forspoken.