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How to find a lost phone

Smartphones have become an inextricable part of our lives in recent years, and since the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic over a year ago, we’ve become even more reliant on them. This is why it’s completely natural to feel anxious or panicked if you can’t find your smartphone despite searching all of your typical locations. Even the prospect of replacing your pricey smartphone might be intimidating; imagine the devastation of losing all of your data and memories. But, before you lose up on your missing smartphone, try the following steps, whether you have an Android or an iPhone.

Every smartphone has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, which is a 15-digit code that uniquely identifies it. If you lose your smartphone, the first thing you should do is alert the authorities so that you may obtain a paper proving that you have lost it. This is crucial in the event that your gadget is mishandled after you have lost it. Users may then go to the Central Equipment Identity Register website, which was created in collaboration with the Delhi Police, the Department of Telecom, and the Center for Development Telematics by the Indian government. This webpage allows users to block a stolen or misplaced smartphone and then unlock it if the device is located.

If you have an Android smartphone, the first thing you should attempt is going to android.com/find and logging in with your Google Account. Remember, this must be your phone’s primary Google account, the one that was originally linked to it. You may also get the Find My Device app from the Google Play Store if you have an Android tablet or another smartphone. If your phone is still on, you may locate it and send an alert to the phone with a message notifying the finder about the owner. You may even ring your phone from afar if you’ve misplaced it at home.

Apple, like Android, has a Find My service that searches for misplaced devices. After accessing icloud.com/find, enter into your account and then choose the device you wish to track. If you have previously activated Find My on your device, it will appear here, where you may ‘Mark as Lost’ to lock it with a passcode and deactivate Apple Pay, as well as display a personalised message with your contact information. You can also remotely wipe the device, but you won’t be able to find it again once you’ve done so. These functionalities are available on any Apple device that is connected to the same iCloud account.

Users may remotely lock their phone and display a message on the lock screen using Samsung’s built-in device monitoring capability. Samsung, like Apple, allows you to stop your cards remotely and prevent the phone from being turned off, which is quite useful. You may then use it to monitor the location and receive updates on a map every 15 minutes. There is no app for this, so customers will have to go to findmymobile.samsung.com to track their devices. When you receive your device back, you may log in and use it as if it had never been lost, however it’s a good idea to factory reset it once just to be cautious.




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